The Beginners Guide to Hit Confirming!

Alright, one of the harder/impossible things to actually “teach” someone is hit-confirming. Obviously reactions, experience, and hand-eye coordination are major requirements to hit-confirming. Even so… I will try my best to share some techniques or “Reaction Boosters” to help you out. Sight and Sound are the name of the game amigos! :cool:

These things helped me get better at hit-confirming!

First of all the most important thing that I thought generally everyone already knew was to buffer the motion of the super and hit the button for super depending on hit/block.

Sight- Getting used to the sight of the move/combo hitting is the most obvious yet more challenging things to do. Things I like to look for when watching the screen are:

Hit sparks
Character’s hit animation
Health bar
Super Meter ( If not at MAX obviously)
Score/Points (courtesy of Long Island Joe)

  • noticing these things all at once can be a severe help to your hit-confirming problems.

Sound- The easier of the two hearing the sounds of the move/combo hitting can help also. Some things to keep an ear out for are:

Hit sound (Different normals make different sounds specifically for this reason)
Character’s Hit cry ( The “ahh” they make obviously)
Block sound ( Urien’s especially is easy to notice)

Sorry to all the OG’s that are reluctant to flame me for such a short write up for a “whole new thead”:china:

add “Score/points” to sight list

good to mention that buffering is a HUGE part of confirming. good buffering is in 3s allot more than 4.

I think it’s very important to learn to not super off of a parry flash. This can trick lots of people into thinking it hits when you see the parry.
Of course it’s good in some instances.

This is what has been one the most important things in 3S for me. Buffering things during other things almost all the time. Same goes for parrying although it’s not applicable to a discussion about hit confirming. I find myself buffering much more than in other fighting games; whether for super, special or parry.

Do you mean to not super if they parry? As in don’t super off of a parried cancellable move? I’m just making sure I’m getting you right because just from experience I know this is definitely true in many cases. Depends on moves of course. If I’m misunderstanding could you clarify? Maybe use a specific example?

Add “just fucking do it.”

Yep. That’s exactly what I meant. Too many people have that bad habit.

it also helps when you visually see them standing with low moves that you have to confirm to super. obviously they wont always be standing when they get hit by it, but its another thing that helps.

Start big and work down to small.

Example: Ken’s MP xx FP xx Hadoken xx Shippu is a great place to start. Then take out the fireball so it’s one less hit, then swap the MP xx FP for CR.MK

Or, simpler: CR.LK x3 xx Shippu, CR.LK x2 xx Shippu, CR.MK xx Shippu.

recipe for hit confirms is: drink coffee, smoke weed, sit in training mode on random guard. you’ll get it.

Makes me wish my ps3 was ps2 compatible…