The Beginners Guide to MAME


MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) can be very intimidating to a first time user, thus

the purpose of this guide. This wll teach you the basics of MAME 32k .64, the most commonly

used MAME for online gaming.

The first thing to do is to find and download MAME 32k .64. You can do this by going here

Make a folder and unzip MAME into it. You will see that there are folders and such all included in the zip. Keep everything in the folder. For the most part, you can ignore most of them, but leave them all there.
pic 1

The first thing to do in MAME is to set your options. Open MAME, go to options, and select the default options. pic 2 You will see a tabbed menu. pic 3 Select the Rendering tab and check the Adjust Aspect Ratio box. pic 4 This will prevent the screen in games from being too rectangular and look lots better in general. Check the 2x zoom or the 2x Scale box to double size the games window. Note that some games run badly on anything but a smallish window unless you have a beefy PC.

Next, go to the Controllers tab and check the Use Joystick box. pic 5 Do this even if you do not have a joystick, as you never know when you will have one. In
fact, if you have a Radioshack in town, go out and buy this


This handy little accessory allows you to use your PS1 or PS2 pads on your PC for only 11


Apply and close the options as well as MAME. This saves your settings.

Next thing to do is find some roms to play. This I will not assist with. However, there are
some things you should know about your basic roms.

  1. For Neo-Geo games, you will need the NeoGeo Bios. It’s small, and easy to find. Just place it into your roms folder and you will be able to play Neo Geo games. Without it, you cannot.

  2. Some games have parent rom requirements. Think of it like a computer game with an
    expansion to it, kind of like Diablo 2 and Diablo 2, Lord of Destruction. You cannot play LOD without the actual D2 game. An example is Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. You must have MK3, the parent, to run UMK3, the expansion. Same thing goes for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. You MUST have SSF2, The New Challengers to run ST.

Before you find any roms, check the Availible selection on the left hand side. pic 6 There will be no games availible at first. After you download a rom, place the ZIPPED rom into your roms folder that came with MAME. pic 7

Go back to the MAME main screen and press F5. This rescans your roms folder and places any working games on the list. [URL=“”]pic 8 pic 9 To play the game, simply double click the name you wish to play. Type OK if it asks you to. You need to hit F5 whenever you add roms to the folder to play them.

As the game is running, you will need to set your controls and option keys. There are two
ways to do this. First, hit TAB. You will see a list of options on the screen. You can do two
things here if you like.

  1. Set the controls for the game you are playing with Input (this game) ONLY. This does not affect any other games in your list.

  2. Set a general set of controls for every game to have as its default configuration. This is
    done through Input (general) This option is good for those of you who like to have a standard config for Street Fighter or other games. You can still change them on a game by game basis thru Input (this game)

To change your buttons around, simply go to the one you wish to change, hit enter, and then the button you wish to map it to.

When finished playing, simply hit Escape to exit the game.

Next thing to learn is the online capability of MAME .64 All you need to do is right click on any game name, and select play network game This will bring up the server select screen. pic 10

Allow it ping thru all the servers, then select the one with the lowest ping (usually located at the top) As it is pinging up the servers, put in a username at the bottom of the screen. To save time later, once you’ve found a server you like, just go to the Recent tab and you will see every server you’ve ever been in.

A few pointers.

Midway games, like Mortal Kombat, etc. sometimes run badly on slower computers. You can speed up a lot of games by disabling sound and making the window as small as possible.

Some games simply do not work with some versions of MAME. Suffer or find a version that will.

Use the PSX to USB adaptor I linked to previously. You won’t regret it.

Do NOT play on kaillera (online) full screened. This causes you to desynch.

NEVER rename or unzip the roms. They will not work.


A list of my own personal settings that other people seem to have found satisfactory:

1024x768 Windowed
2x Zoom
75% Horizontal Scanlines
Stretch x3
Wait V’Sync Windowed
Enable Joystick
All Sound Options Checked
Bitrate at 44, 000 KHZ

Also, be aware that recording can cause the game to desync rather quickly.
And why don’t people use Kawaks instead?
Kawaks has support for fewer games, and as well, it has terrible desyncing issues with the majority of the Neo Geo game library.


Nice guide, FB.


yeah nice thorough job, fatherbrain.


For Mame .90 and HK2V9 AVI recording (for the 2 people who might use these):
First record an input (.inp). When finished, choose INP to AVI record, then choose codec settings, etc. Uncompressed is best if you have a large and fast harddrive, or a fast and lossess codec like Techsmith (on fastest setting) or Lagarith/Huffy/etc.

Once the game loads, you must hit HOME in order for it to actually start recording (you should see an indicator flash). If you don’t hit HOME, you’ll end up with a tiny file that has nothing in it.
HOME is the default key for this, so if you used HOME for something else, it might’ve gotten remapped. Just tab in the options and look for Record AVI to change the key.

Since everyone uses Mame .64, DreemerNJ made a Mame .64 to .90 INP (and TRC) converter. It’s experimental and doesn’t always work. I’ve had it work 50% of the time on this computer, and never once work on my laptop. He’s gotten it to work quite a bit. So there’s no guarentees, just play with it.
It’s on with mame 64, 90, and other stuff.

This bit is more related to general kaillera:
When your server list finishes loading, you might see something up top with 0ms and the IP of (loopback). If you try to join, you won’t be able to enter*. This is because someone manually specified that IP in their (public) kaillera server config. Ignore it.
*The exception is, if you are running a server on your computer. If you try to join it then, you’ll just enter your own server.
Another thing of note, if you’re running a server and cannot enter via your public IP address or server listing, just enter IP and use


thats a cool guide brain. But me personaly i hate my adaptor…simply due to the fact that i don’t like the ps2 controller. I don’t like the directional pad, an on top of that mine has been mashed up from jump…so i have a bit of trouble playing my street fighter game…but its better then the alternative crap controllers out there…

i wish i had the snes adaptor…then there will be trouble lol :badboy:
Maybe i’ll order it one day…one day…

As for for what you said about not turning on the full screen mode while playing…lol its funny because i always have it on and i rarely desync.

Hey Kyokuji, I actualy like Kawaks…but i can’t play it. It does some wierd shit with the graphics on my computer…the screen gives off some wierd colours. (purple ryu and such) lol


It’s come to my attention that everyone using kaillera crashes when they attempt to go onto kaillera. This is due to the main kaillera server being down for the timebeing. There is however a workaround for this. Simply download the Anti3d kailleraclient.dll and replace the old one with the new one in your mame folder. Save the old one for later use when the main kaillera server returns.

Just download this, unzip it, and place it into your mame folder. This file comes courtesy of Moosehead.


there is also another way around it…this has happend to me before so what i do is simply (and quickly) click on a recent server and quickly press enter right after words it will then connect…(you have to get the timing just right…) and then after if it’s not the right server you want just exit the server like you normaly do and it will go back to the menu, BUT it wont crash this time…PROBLEM SOLVED.

Hey i’m pretty smart for a noob, eh brain? LOL


what if it’s your first time using mame and you’ve never been on kaillera before? Thats what this guide is for, remember?


Cool thing about the Anti3D kailleraclient.dll is that the Master list at acts like a mirror and a filter of the real Master list at by grabbing the real list and saving it every 5 minutes. So when the real list is down or having problems, the Anti3D Master falls back to using the TopServers Liston It’s a much smaller list but at least your emulator doesn’t crash.

BTW, Kaillera can still crash when the real master is working due to poor programming. If there any misformatted server names in the list, Kaillera chokes on them. Unfortunately there are a ton of Chinese and Japanese and other servers in the list that cause all kinds of problems. So in that sense, the short list is actually more reliable for Americans and Europeans.


…yeah…i know that… i was just trying to be cool :cool: lol


Is it not possible to use a joystick with my laptop? the option to check the box isn’t there and it doesn’t seem like I can use my keyboard to play the game.

I figured out how to use my keyboard to play. but I’m still wondering if it doesn’t support controllers because of my laptop.I have the usb ports to use one and everything.


you need to have a controller of some sort plugged in to be able to check the box. I just found this out


Anyone remember the reason or the thread of why MAME 0.6x (“x” as in whatever the last digit was) is superior to any other MAME version? And if so, is it possible to get this to work in win32?


Umm… when I try and play network game… it crashes… what’s the problem?


0.67 has tons of desync issues, so everyone switched back to 0.64.
0.61 supposedly has less input lag, but you’re not gonna convince anyone to switch, so just stick with 0.64.
Better to put up with a little more input lag if it means you have 100 people to play with.


Got it. Thanks.:tup: Nothing beats beaing able to play SS2 with a stick.


Download the anti3d kailleraclient.dll from or the attachment I put up a few posts back.


…or you could read my attatchment…#9:)


Still doesn’t work >.<;
It keeps crashing.

Edit: NEVERMIND HAHAHA -.- oh man, I just pulled a noob move… I didn’t install the client…

Allright, thank you guys!