The Beginner's Incomplete Guide to KOF (Part 1) youtube vid

Came across this guide and I think it’ll help alot of people who are considering picking up King of Figthers 12. After watching this I realized how shit I was at KOF.
The vid is really well done and easy to follow.


Dandy J aren’t you getting quite the following…I’ve seen a thread on this everywhere almost lol.

thanks for the vid!

what I need to lern some noobz kof)
awersome work with video
give me part2)

Thanks for sharing this, I had no clue that KoF had four types of jump before watching this.

I shuld’ve just made a thread for the vid I guess but I was gonna wait till part 2 was done. BTW remember that dude who started the 'kof tips ‘98-xi’ thread? Try googling his username, you will be entertained.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, but try to check out existing threads before you make a new one!

I never played a KoF game before, but I’m definitely planning on checking on 12 :slight_smile: Thanks

Fantastic, this is exactly what I need to get started on KOF XII. Once part 2 is out I’m going to try playing 98.

Wow, as someone who always thought KoF was just a SF knock off, this video really set me straight. I’m actually really interested in the new KoF now.

Also, I may get neg-repped for this, but as someone who used to play SSBM competitively (and still play Tekken and SF2/4), the whole “short hop” thing really reminded me of Smash. Most characters in smash have aerial moves that’re better than their ground moves, so learning to short hop is essential in that game since you’ll be much more effect at applying pressure, combo’s, etc. and apparently, that’s the case in KoF also.

Looking forward to the next video man. Love the concept of Kyo (sorry if I got the name wrong) talking to the viewers and comparing KoF mechanics to mechanics from games we already know.

Well this is exactly what we wanted. Anybody who dismissed KOF in the past or never really had an idea of the playstyle or flow of it should watch these vids. Glad to see people giving it a chance or at least learning what makes KOF KOF.

Interesting will do…

Terry should host Volume two.

I couldn’t really find anything ‘entertaining’. Based on what you’re implying though, I would assume that he is trying to take credit for your work. I hate to jump to conclusions, but if that’s the case, :lame:.

No you should just see some really really funny links involving him (or someone else with his exact username (not likely))

Sorry dude it’s gonna be Kyo again. I already wrote pretty much everything from his pov, since it was originally meant to be 1 video. There’s a special guest appearance, though…


Someone post this at Ignition’s forum. Maybe we could get them to have Dandy J do a video like this for KOF XII. Maybe even add it to the game.

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then dandy can spread his yomi magic just like his idol!

Someone suggested to me to post it there, I will as soon as I finish the rest, but if someone wants to post part 1 somewhere on there that’s cool.

That was a great video! I love that it was “hosted” by Kyo. :rofl: But it definitely covered a lot of stuff I didnt know, and I definitely feel what you were saying at the beginning about being familiar with fighting games and KoF but just never getting the “feel” of KoF somehow. Thanks!