The Beginner's Tekken Dictionary/Basics Thread


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Tekken 6: The Art of Buffering.
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Wow, I didn’t know you could buffer like that. That’ll make things a lot easier. I’m going to practice now. Thanks, man.


any tips for fast back dash cancels with a stick?


Just started tryign out online, and I don’t get the wakeup game. I mean I know what buttons does what type of wakeup after watching the videos. It’s just I get my ass handed to me to moment I get knocked down by anyone remotely decent. Is there something that’ll tell me what beats what?


In short:

Tech Roll:
-wins against: linear ground attacks(such as stomps)
-loses against: Tech traps, tech mixups(gotta guess), cross ups
-advice: This is the most common type of wake up, but you will at least always have to guess when tech rolling next to someone. Most useful after getting hit with something that knocks you back.

Back Roll:
-wins against: linear ground attacks, tech setups and traps(will whiff more than likely)
-loses against: up close mids(will re-float you allowing another juggle)
-advice: The most dangerous type of wakeup, since you can get rejuggled for free. Do if mostly after attacks that have auto backroll properties.

Kip Tech:
-wins against: may go over lows with good timing, may interrupt mids if fast enough
-loses against: whiff(leaves you open for launchers)
-advice: This is most useful if used rarely and if the opponent is spaced out from you a bit, since it tends to interrupt alot of attacks on startup. Its safe on block and gives a small advantage on hit.

Kip up Attack:b+3+4
-wins against: lows(hops over them)
-loses against: blocking, SW, mids during the beginning frames.
-advice: This is really hard to beat during it’s active frames as it’s range would stuff almost everything, but it’s at least -10 on block. It’s also sidewalkable. There are different versions of this depending of the character that are safer or they rise differently(this info is for the basic Kip up Attack).

Diving Attack:f+1+2_b,f+1+2
-wins against: most attacks done at the same time
-loses against: SW
-advice: Diving attacks are mostly for repositioning purposes after a knockdown and as a (poor) mixup after a forward or backroll. If you make them block the attack late in the animation you will get advantage, but if not it’s punishable. It’s hard to counter after the move comes out, but the fact that you have to forward or back roll first to use it puts you at a huge risk.

Ankle Kick:d+4 when FUFT
-wins against: highs, most mids
-loses against: blocking, SS, hopkicks
-advice: This is the fastest attack you have to wakeup with, but on block you will get punished(possibly launched). You’re even on hit though and you can wake up safely.

Mid kick:
-wins against: low crouch, slow attacks
-loses against: whiff, block
-advice:around -12 on block. You will get launched on whiff. Knocks down.

Low kick:
-wins against: highs, most mids
-loses against: whiff, block, hopkicks
-advice: Allows juggle on CH. Around -12 on block. You will get launched on whiff lol.

In general just be real cafeful about get up kicking. You won’t get terribly hurt on block. but you will lose 40% on whiff.

Standing up:
-wins against: Non guaranteed oki(stomps, etc)
-loses against: certain attacks will cause juggle state.
-advice: This is one of the safest options that you have since it can avoid alot of oki options and allow you to block a direction after standing, but you can get juggled with attacks during certain frames of the standing. Plus it hard for you to switch your block in reaction to an attack until you completely recover. Lets say, if you stand up and Julia is spacing you with 4~2,1 and you hold d/b to block it during the animation, if she swiches to f,f+3 you won’t be able to block it if they time it right IIRC.

make sure to tap 2 during quickstand to recover quicker

Lay down:
-wins against: attempted tech traps, refloats, etc.
-loses against: grounded attacks
-advice: This is the safest option you have to wake up in Tekken. While you do open yourself to strong ground attacks like stomps, you aren’t at risk to eat anything more damaging and you can usually tech roll safely afterwards. If they whiff something then just quickstand.

Side Roll
-wins against: most ground attacks if done early
-loses against: Bad guessing
-advice: This is also another safe way to get up(although slower), especially when you’re near the wall. The bad thing is that after the roll you end up in a worse defensive position(I think you end up face down if you were face up before), so if you guess wrong and they see the roll, then can oki you and make it generally harder to get up.

I might have gotten some of that stuff a little wrong, but that should get you going imo.


Wow, really big and informative post, thank you Shin


Ryeyoo: This video should help

Everybody seems to be getting in to this game.
While that’s good, I seem to notice that most of them are lacking in the basics department.
Basics are important, which is the reason why I create these videos to help you achieve greatness.
T6 Basics: Art Of Low Parry

Practice Leads To Greatness


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Quick correction to the front page

Hwoarang’s stances are:
LFF - Left foot forward
RFF - Right foot forward
LFS - Left flamingo stance
RFS - Right flamingo stance

there’s a few common moves between the flamingo stances but they’re mostly different.


Nice Post


Man I haven’t played Tekken in ages, I think the last Tekken I might have played was 3 on PS1. I really wanna get back into this series again, I dont have the money to buy anything right now but when I do, Tekken will certainly be on the list. I see that T6 BR is pretty popular and that it only came out in 2009, but now they’re making TTT 2 and they said that it will come out after SF x Tekken. So do you guy still think T6 BR will get a lot of play even after TTT 2 comes out or is it smart to just get TTT 2?


Question: I picked up T6 last night, and I haven’t touched Tekken since… About a month after I picked up T4 for PS2…
I used to use Bryan/Bruce or Kaz/Jin in TTT… Tried Julia in 4, but hated the game (though I loved her P2 costume)

Who’s good to learn for beginners? This game feels totally different than the older ones. Like, how 3 felt after playing 2 forever.

I can’t seem to wrap around my old characters… Bryan, Bruce, Kaz, Jin, Hei, Nina, and Lee… Any advice on where to start in that regard?

One more question… T6BR is the one on PS3, yes? I’m getting mixed answers from Google.


LOL I have no idea if this is a trolling comment or not! I am no where near qualified to answer this but I shall give it a shot. Yes, T6BR is on the PS3/360. Out of your old character choices I would say: Kaz and Nina are definitely not easy to use. Lee and Bruce are easy/moderate. I am not sure about Bryan, Hei or Jin. Most of the new characters: Lars, Alisa, Bob, Leo and Miguel are fairly easy to use. I am sure if you re-post this in TekkenZaibatsu forums you may get better answers. If you have then more power to you. Right now I am practicing Kazuya’s EWGF, one of the hardest moves in the game. I can get it out 40% of the time but getting better at it slowly.


I’d rather not go to TZ… I have one account… I don’t need more.

EWGF… that’s the dragon punch?

f, neutral, d, d/f+ RP

That’s “hard”? I can do it all the time… The one with the wave dash (Is that still in 6?) was the one that always gave me a hard time…

I think I used to link 2 of them in TTT, followed by some other random thing… maybe part of his 10 string?
I really haven’t touched Tekken in YEARSSSSS

Bob… He seems really fast… Top tier? I do dig Lars though…


Yes and no… there are two notations for EWGF. F N D/F+2 and F N D D/F+2 the main difference is that the second command moves you forward a bit. The standard WGF move is 15 frames and easy to pull off but the EWGF is 13 frames and is a just frame move. The D/F+2 must be done at the same time with in a 3 frame window.

There is a difference between them. You will hear Kazuya go “DORIYA”. You can connect 5 or 6 of them and its a fast punisher. It is difficult to master. Getting it 100% of the time at varying intervals from wave dash and applying it is the hardest part.

Tiers don’t matter too much in Tekken but yes Bob and Lars are on most peoples “Top 10 list”


Ahh gotcha. See, stuff I didn’t know! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Imma play with Lars though… Seems cool… And I’m really digging this Steve guy too…


Am I the only one that figured out that Lee Chaolan could do two (2) bounds in one combo in the first year that Tekken 6 BR was released? I used to do it all the time until they patched it out. All you had to do was launch your opponent, then juggle with 2 left/right combos, bound them, then use his down/forward LK - RP -LK combo move to launch them towards the wall, then bound again after wall splat, and repeat the combo move again. If done correctly this used to give Lee a very impressive 12 to 15 hit combo. Just thought I should share that. :slight_smile:


On TTT2 what is Lar’s new attack during Silent Entry and what’s the input?


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