The beginnings


Yeah, I had this idea for a while. This is a Street Fighter story with a twist, a big one. A Ranma 1/2 type twist.
The premise is that Deimitri is out looking for a fight, and has heard of the strength of Ryu. He wants the life energy of Ryu, which is much more than the average human. Well, as we know, the DarkStalkers are on another level as compared to the SF people, so in this fight Deimitri will own Ryu for free. Part of that ownage will include the (you guessed it) move. Since this is not a game, the effect of that move is that when he lifts them up and shrivels them up, theyre dead, not popping back up to life. So once the first part of the attack happens, I will have it interrupted by Akuma/Gouki. With such happenings, Ryu is stuck like this until fighting Demitri again at the end of the story. I may include Evil Ryu, so I guess if he’s female, it will be PMS Bitch Ryu.:confused:
Anyways, here are 2 versions of the first “chapter”, a shitty one just put on paper, so I could see the ideas on paper. The second is the real pencil drawings of the first “chapter”, but still in need of the inkpen work, backgrounds, and word bubbles, and I havent decided on full color, or full shading. If there are any questions about whats happening, or going to happen, I’ll answer them here.

And Im not asking for comments on the art , even though I probably get some harsh shit said, anyway.



This is page 2 of the “test” version.



Yes Ryu got puched out of the Shoryuken. That seems to be a common occurance in games these days.





Ryu was duped into a fireball match, and was attacked while doing the move. Kinda like the Ryu AI in most SF games.






Last page of the “fake” Ch1


Random Ryu pic I drew for this story, constrasting the styles I thought of using. Took about 15 mins with all versions.

I also showed you this in case you may be thinking I can only draw at the level of this “comic” strip. Even this isnt the best I can do. But alot would assume since the 8 pages I posted is the limit of what I can do. I know some people always put their full effort into a work, but if I dont need to, I wont, and I didnt need to since this was a preliminary version.


A Demitri pic, took all of 10 minutes.


This is the real penciling I will have in the story. Like I said, it needs the ink lines, shading or color(which one?), effects, backgrounds and words. This version goes from right to left, since I may be getting someone to collab with me to get it in Japanese.

Page 1 : Yes this starts off with a simple face-off. Having Ryu training in a woody setting, then ambushed to begin would be kinda cliche’.

Words: None


This page was cut in the scan on the sides.

Page 2: Demitri comes closer to Ryu. They have words, then Demitri goes with a little baby punch. Ryu dodges, and tries a lunging elbow, which seems easily spotted, and grabbed.

Words: (in order, figure it out)
“You have a great power. It as well as you will be mine, ripe for the taking.”

Thinking (fighting for my life, eh, bastard!)

“He caught it so easily!!!”


This page was cut off as well.

Page 3: Ryu goes for a spinning kick, easily avoided. He then thinks “This guy is fast”. He rushes, then tries another air kick, also avoided.

Words: (This guy is fast!)


Page 4: Ryu lands from the previous missed attack, and dashes forward. They meet eyes, and Ryu tries a left, then a right. As he tries the right, Demitri once again evades the attack, and is about to strike.

Words: “Ha ha ha!” “You amuse me, your efforts are in vain!”


“Youre mine!!”


Page 5: After being struck, Ryu is kicked, and punched. He was knocked down by the punch.




“Completely knocked down in 3 attacks!?!?” “He is still playing!”


This is the second page 2. The original had had Ryu going evil, but it looked horrible, so I created this alternate page 6 which is the one I choose. This page is also cut in the scan.

Page 6: After getting up, Ryu looks upwards, and sees Demitri standing, arm extended. Demitri says he wants to see the power he heard so much about, or he will die on the spot. Ryu gets the Shinkuu Hadoken ready. This page corresponds to the fake page 5, so the dupe is happening now.



“You were to be better than this! If thats all you have, you’re done NOW!”

“You’re right, Im not done!!”

And so marks what is done as of now. I will update here if it is wanted, so I need to be told if so. And Like I said, even this isnt done, Ill finalize it when the conclusion of the 1 part is done.


a little 3 minute Ryu pic.


Well, no replies, eh. I think people are looking at the first crappy stuff, and writing it all off as garbage. Maybe you saw the better looking versions, with no panel definitions, backgrounds, words, ect, and wrote it off as garbage. Or maybe no-one cares, whatever. Heres more anyway.

Ill explain it if its wanted. Whatever.

Page 7


More. 1 more done, post it tomorrow.





Remember, right to left.