The BERKELEY EUDEMONIA Legacy (relocating to the SFSU Dojo thread!)

11-6-10 meet to be at San Franciso State University:



Cal Animage Alpha - UCB’s Anime Club

This event is free and open to… well, everyone who can go.

Take note that Blazblue: Continuum Shift is the game that is primarily played at this event… SUPER is a possibility, but people may need to bring setups specifically for it (either copies of the game or consoles); me, Zakuignited and MaNoel will be on hand in the event that SUPER STREET FIGHTER is played, so don’t worry about showing up without having anyone to play with.

UPDATED ON 7-20-2010

Here is a link to the NorCal thread on DUSTLOOP:

The [New] NorCal Thread! - BB, GGAC, HnK, FUC, Touhou, and Other Sad Life Games!


A weekly SUPER STREET FIGHTER meet for friendly games.

Players of all skill levels, sexes, races, religions, sexual orientations, pad or stick preferences, etc. welcomed…

Uh… if you don’t have anything better to do, hang out and play Super with us (or me).

UPDATED on 7-20-10:

We intend to be doing Blazblue: Continuum Shift in addition to Street Fighter during the game’s release… people needn’t worry about the DLC content since I will be getting all of it (the characters, anyway) and dragging my X-Box hard drive with me.

(which, I guess, means that we can potentially do Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 as well since I have that game on the hard drive.


At Eudemonia in Berkeley.

It’s near the BART STATION in downtown Berkeley, so I don’t think it’ll be hard for people to make it…

Here’s the actual address:

2154 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA

Here’s a map with detailed directions:

Essentially, you walk from the BART station until you see a McDonalds, turn right at the Mickey D’s and then EU should be on your right-hand side…

For google maps link and info:

Google Maps


UPDATED on 7-20-10

Every Saturday from 3-10PM

But, that’s not to say that we can’t do it on Sunday as well… I just might not be able to make it; if it’s Saturday, then it’s for sure for me…

Also, I’ll show up even if no one goes (as a means to encourage people to know that there will be someone who is always there anyway… I can always just hit training mode if no one shows up, really).

THAT SAID, feel free to show up earlier (much earlier) or stay later (much later)…

It’s flexible, but I will personally be around during the stated time.


EU is one of those internet cafe places where you have to pay to use stuff… so…

Yeah, playing here will not be free…

There are 4 consoles in the shop in total, 3 of which have online capability.


If you have a copy of SUPER, please be sure to bring it; I will be bringing my own copy, but that is only good for ONE console.

That said, bringing your own pads or sticks is also recommended; they have controllers and a broken TE stick to rent out at the place (for somewhere around $2 an hour), but you will have to give collateral (such as a California state ID) in order to rent these items.

I will be bringing my SUPER TE stick and will be willing to share, but it’s only 1 stick, so we’ll be short in the event 2 people prefer using sticks…

So, if you can bring items, then by all means do so as it will help…

UPDATED on 7-24-10

PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING HARD DRIVES AND WHATEVER ELSE PEOPLE MIGHT THINK WE MIGHT NEED; we surprisingly ran out of copies of SUPER this week, so to allay future mishaps, people should drag their own games and whatever with them.

I actually now possess 2 MADCATZ TOURNAMENT EDITION STICKS and one SE Madcatz stick… so… if people don’t have X-Boxes, no need to worry about sticks since I feel like I have enough to accommodate non-X-box people… that being said, the TE sticks are fist-come, first-serve with regards to which game the sticks will be on (meaning that 1 of them is already on hold for SUPER STREET FIGHTER, leaving only 1 TE and 1 SE for BLAZBLUE… meaning that BLAZBLUE players will likely have to bring at least 1 TE with them if they don’t wanna use the kinda lame SE stick).

I’ll maybe consider getting another stick in the future, but I’m not sure yet (as I want to use that money on other things… like movies).

CURRENTLY, the sorted out scheme for people who have to pay is this:

And here’s the MINIMUM with regards to how many people should be paying:

If people are to do payment pools, the best approach to this is EARLY CHECK IN during the week in order to establish WHO is going to go and HOW MUCH each person will pay… an example of money pooling looks like this:


(to be updated with price rates ASAP)

Uh… despite the opening post that states the regular meet is on SATURDAYS, I will actually be showing up tomorrow (Sunday, May 30th 2010)…

Hope to see people there, maybe…

Oh, as an update to this, I went on the 30th and, despite my expectations, I actually did get to play a person; it was a random walk-in dude and we ended up doing like 20-30 matches…

Good stuff.

I played from 5PM-9:30PM.

I guess I was right in assuming that if I stayed on long enough, someone would eventually show vague interest.

(that being said, I mostly did ranked online and got about 1,300 player points on the shop’s XBL account)

That said, there are some extra things that I will append to the opening post:

-The 8 hour deal costs $20
-Swearing is apparently not allowed and you will be banned for a day if they hear you, though I’m not sure how strict the enforcement is
-The shop’s TE stick worked… plus, I didn’t have to pay for it… but this could be because the guy was new and didn’t know all the details of renting out X-Box stuff
-Some dude complained that I was mashing on my stick too hard and was making noise; don’t know if this will be a regular thing, but it was somewhat surprising
-Items left in the shop after closing (at 1am on Saturdays) will be confiscated by the shop and they will extend ownership over said items… don’t know of the legality of such a rule, but take note not to leave your pads or sticks or games in the damn shop

Uh… that’s all for now…

Anyway, will be at EU next week on Saturday from 6-10PM.

Hope to see people there (or I could just play ranked for 4 hours; don’t matter).

:lol: you got my attention. Me and a friend are trying to find casuals in the bay area at the moment so we might be able to make one but no promises. :cool:

Don’t worry about making or not; the main thing is that there’s going to be a regular meet in a relatively accessible place (near the BART; yay) where it’s almost certain that you or your friend will be able to play SUPER with someone other than each other.

But, yeah: if you don’t have anything to do on a Saturday night, feel free to jump in; hopefully, the directions I’ve given are adequate and we can have some fun.

So when you show up do you just login and then when you logout you pay? Or do you pay for how many hours you want up front and then login and out based on that?

What happens is that you buy pre-paid hours:

For example, you can get 8 hours for $20… and then when you want to play on the X-Box, you have them log you in at the front desk.

When you’re done, you have them log you out; if you spent 2 hours on the X-Box, you’ll still have 6 more hours the next time you log in…

Yeah, you have to buy time in advanced and the computer network keeps track of your hours (you will be able to choose a user name when you first register at the place… make sure you remember this user name and make sure you have a CALIFORNIA ID on you as they will attach your account to that ID)…

That said, I’m not completely sure the head count charge is actually enforced; when I went there, the random dude I played with didn’t log on at all and just hopped on the X-Box that I was paying for (which isn’t a problem, really)…

But I think he wasn’t forced to log in because the dude at the counter was new and wasn’t aware of the mechanics of how renting out the X-Box worked, so just assume that you are to spend money whenever you are on an X-Box.

I’ll going try to make it out there tonight, managed to find a TE on craigslist for cheap. :rock:

Look forward to having you.

Good games yesterday, man.

I’m gonna show up next week, but then like… really fucking early.

I think I’m gonna be at EU this Saturday from around 2:30 PM to 10PM…

As I’ve nothing better to do for the rest of the day and I’ll be in Berkeley anyway because of my classes.

EUDEMONIA apparently has a day pass for $16 where you can just do whatever you want in the shop (computer or X-Boxes) and it may be cheaper depending on how long people will be in the shop.

I need to do the math and decide what’s a better deal for me, but it comes into question as to whether or not I can actually even realistically play for that amount of time; I’ll try it for maybe 2 weeks…

Fun times. So refreshing to get some sparring outside of PSN.

I highly recommend the curious to come stop by next Saturday!

Anyone showing up Saturday? I’m about 50% sure I’ll come out after the soccer game (go USA!).

UPDATE: USA got eliminated by Ghana’s flopping antics :shake:

I’m showing up as usual (at around 3-4PM; depends on how long it takes for me to get to EU from the UC campus); hopefully, I can provide adequate gaming for several hours straight, but I fear that I’ll start faltering about 2 hours in.

But, yeah, no pressure man; enjoy dat soccer and feel free to come whenever; assuming they don’t carry my corpse away due to SF overdose, I shall be at the X-Boxes tomorrow from 3-4 to 10PM.

Hey! I live in Berkley! I’ve been living here for the past few years now and am looking for some Super 4 folks to play casuals with.

I have a place nearby EU with a small TV, 360+Super4+ TE stick… So I may come out to this for a while.

I’m wondering though: why doesn’t someone just host? I kinda ran the Smash Bros Melee scene in Berkeley a few years ago, and it worked out very well… is the scene kinda small in berkeley?

Yeah, the main scene actually is in the BEARCADE thread; you can get info from the regulars there.

I kinda just do this for the sake of there being a weekly thing that’s both in Berkeley and easily accessible by something like the BART.

That said, if you could host, that’d be okay too and we could hold the meets at your place.

But, if it’s a hassle to do so, EU is a great place, mainly because it has so much space… like, the place is HUGE; $20 a week per person doesn’t seem like a big deal when you consider that you’re essentially renting out the space, the X-Boxes and the [small] TVs.

Anyway, yeah, you should come tomorrow; it’ll be fun and all you’d really need to drag with you is your copy of SUPER and the TE stick.

That said, I think there’s a reasonably sized SF community around the Bay Area, but it seemed to be kinda fragmented, from what I can understand.

Er, by “tomorrow”, I mean Saturday afternoon around 4PM (yeah, 4PM likely… I forgot that I need to eat).

Damn, I hella missed this. Will anyone be out there any time before next saturday?

I think it’s mainly me and Tao who show up to this from what I can understand (the regulars at the shop don’t mention any other fighting game meets going on during the week)… and it only happens for me on Saturdays (Tao will be in San Francisco on Fridays as well, I think; check with him in the San Fran thread).

That said, yeah, try to make it Saturday; yesterday was a blast (we even got a bunch of random beginner players hopping on; it was fun, but we need to come up with a quick way to teach new people how to play the game and build interest).

That said, unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to do it from 3PM…

I was noticeably very tired by the 2nd hour of gaming (5PM), yet I somehow made it all the way to 9:45PM…

But, yeah, next week is at the regular time: 6PM on Saturdays.

I could perhaps go at other times, but I don’t have money for more than once a week, really…

That said, if people are worried that I haven’t been showing up, don’t be: Tao went out and bought an X-BOX TE stick (only has it on PS3), but I fulfilled my end of the agreement by actually showing up…

So, uh… yeah: you can totally trust me, maybe.

And if I don’t ever show up one Saturday, I will make sure to mention it here in this thread, way in advanced, if possible.

It’s not that I don’t trust you guys, I’m just eager to play with some human opponents.

Like I said in another thread: I have a studio right off downtown Berkeley BART and I own a 360, a copy of Super 4, and a TE stick. I wouldn’t mind hosting and just playing for an hour or two.

I’m finally starting to break in that TE, my Cammy’s only going to get better every week now! :lol:

DKL, if you haven’t already, check out OneHandedTerror’s channel on youtube. He plays a lot of Dudley and talks pretty in-depth about his matchups and fundamentals.

YouTube - OneHandedTerror’s Channel

RadicalReactor: Come by next week if you can! At the moment I’m only willing to make the trip to Berkeley once a week (BART can really add up, lol). BUT! I wouldn’t have any problem dropping by your studio for a few games on my way to Eudemonia.