The best and worst non-game representations of Street Fighter

Which product featuring Street Fighter be it comic, manga, cartoon, anime or live action has the best and worst representations of the game?

Remember that even poor representations like SFIIV can have decent representations of some characters, if not all.

I personally liked what they did with Sagat in SFIIV. This is like the Sagat we have come to know from Street Fighter Alpha 3 - a noble fighter with great pride. I never liked the one dimensional “I must get revenge on Ryu” mentality of Sagat. Being one of my favorite characters, I am pleased to see how he has been developed.

Everyone will say that Street Fighter: The Movie is the worst representation of the SFII series and I agree. No contest there. And from what I heard about Generations, this new release will be the worst of all the SF anime.

I am loving Udon’s Street Fighter comic. They really capture the game and the characters well. I was fearing their SFII comic will be a retelling of the SFII fiction we have seen already but the more I read about the upcoming stories, this no longer seems the case, being much better than I first imagined (shame on me).

As far as overall good representation of the games and individual characters, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and Udon’s comic are the best.

Some of the worst off the top of my head:

Street Fighter the Movie
the comic by Malibu (Ryu and Chun-Li are lovers, Ken gets scalped)
the action figures by Hasbro

SMB pretty much hit em all, heh…

i personally thought that the cartoon that was on USA years ago was lame… i think it’s fine if you don’t want to make ryu and ken the central character, but their, as well as others, characterizations were so exagerated and jus plain silly that i couldn’t give that ish more than two watchings, it’s probably the only peice of sf product i don’t plan on getting… i even have the movie and the malibu comics, although i don’t hold THEM in such high regards either

Things that murdered the Street Fighter name :
-The storyline from the early Masaomi Kanzaki SFII manga.
-Most of the SFIIV storyline
-Everything from the SFII cartoon
-The G.I. Joe Street Fighter action figures
-The Malibu Comic (cancelled after 3 issues, thank god!)
-Everything from Street Fighter II Alpha Generations
-Everything from Street Fighter the movie.
-The Street Fighter The Movie games. (both the Arcade and PSX versions)
-The american dub and soundtrack of the SFII Animated Movie

Things that actually did justice to the Street Fighter name
-Udon’s SF comic. (it simply rules)
-Street Fighter II : The Animated Movie. (Subtitled original version, please)
-The SOTA toys SF action figures.
-The art style from the Street Fighter Alpha anime
-Masahiko Nakahira’s various Street Fighter mangas. (Street Fighter II Cammy, Street Fighter Zero, Sakura Ganbaru manga and Ryu Final.)

If I had to choose two extremes from those lists, I’d say the worst offender is the Malibu comic while the best would be Udon’s comic.

SFII: TAM + UDON’s interpretation = truth or something near it.

Some where pretty actuate Guile, Sagat, Dhalsim, E. Honda and M. Bison.

as It’s nearly impossible to see the original I’ll have to defend the American version because it was cool :tup:

I didn’t think the dub was bad… but the music didn’t feel Street Fighter at all. It just doesn’t feel right to me to hear Alice in Chains and Silverchair when watching something japanese.

Amen brother!


Nobody mentions the Street Fighter II/ Turbo SNES box art? Or the SSF2 US cabinet art? Probably the most deformed, disproportionate versions of the characters I’ve ever seen. Made worse since it was semi-official artwork. (ugh)

Disagree. MKs SFII manga was the best SF comic till Udon. They did some great work, and a lot of people believe that the SF tourny would have been similar to how they showed. Though I have to admit that Polin and her brother were just unnecessary.

I agree on these. Man, they all sucked big time.

Haven’t seen Generations yet, so I can’t comment on that, but SFAnime was amazing - even the dub. Some of the greatest lines ever…

I’d agree on all of those.

Mohammed Ali

Yes I remember those, there was a SF2T SNES boxset as well that had Bison and Sagat in equally silly looking deformities.
I mean, why would Capcom put Ryu (the goddamned main character) completely on his ass, while Blanka is busy getting Mojo’s face photoshopped on him?
I hated that logo as well, it just looked so crap compared to the original one.

I agree… I’d even go as far to say that MK’s comic rivals UDON’s… though they are two totally different stories and are two totally different styles… I love how MK’s work worked the Manga Character/Story template onto the SF mythos, much how the game designers intended pursuant to their official cannon and descriptions…

UDON’s comic, although influenced heavily by Japanese culture and art, has it’s own vibe, even resonating a more Western characterization…

i would say, if one were to make a spectrum to place each comic work, you would have the far extreme of the malibu comics, totally unbased, contrived, farfetched and too serious… then you’d have the SF movie comic adaptations, which was not as serious, but just as distant from the intended SF story…

then we’d have UDON very close to themiddle and far from the previously stated extreme, delving more into the action and drama with sparse elements of light heartedness and a slight degree of deviation from the canon…

then there’d be the Viz comic, which would be even closer to the middle, but on the other side… a bland adaptation of the SF II anime movie, with heavy generic manga elements and silliness (the art is very lax and who can’t laugh when vega (balrog) falls from the building and encounters pissed off T Hawk, Honda and DeeJay)…

Tokuma’s (sp?) version of the SF story would be a little farther away in the opposite direction of UDON’s standard deviant away from the middle, imo, as it seems to fit the light hearted jap-manga template more, the characters seem to be a lot less serious and the action seems to be visited, proportionally, at the same degree… Tokuma’s GREATLY deviates from the canon though, the art is more radically Japanese and silly, and a lot less serious than Udon’s main story… nontheless, it is enjoyable, artistically superb and, like previously noted, it’s very similar to how I would have imagined the tournament to be…

I think at the far left of the spectrum, opposite of Malibu, would be something like SuperPuzzle Fighter manga with superdeformed characters trying to date each other and resembling the myriad of other silly manga out there…

I’d love to see Capcom release a comic, or manga if it was in Japan, that was straight Canon, starting from Street Fighter I days and progressing…

but UDON’s work is great and the fact that it is not strictly canon leaves a lot of room for surprise and fan service… :smiley:


SF2V: A lot of people don’t like this because Guile kicked the crap out of Ryu and Ken. But I love the story. This is a TV series so the artwork isn’t supposed to be as good as some of the other movies. Music fit the mood and voice acting was well done. This is to Street Fighter as ultimate Spider-man is to the Spider-man universe. It’s just a different way of looking at things.

Sf2: the animated movie: Animation was superb. Special moves and fighting were well done. Story and voice acting were a bit cheesy. They wanted every SF2 character in the movie, and some of it seemed a bit forced.

SF comic by UDON: These guys are hardcore SF fans and you can tell. Artwork superb. Special moves and normal moves are well done.

SF2 comic by Tokuma (MK): This was an 8 issue story. Although some of the translations were off, the general story was good. Ryu vs Balrog, Chun Li vs Blanka, Ryu vs Dhalsim, Chun vs Honda, Guile vs Zangief, Guile vs Sagat, Chun vs Vega, Ken vs Sagat, Ken vs Ryu, Ryu vs Bison. Artwork wasn’t too hot though.


Street Fighter the movie: Horrible acting. Cheesy Story. Van Damme.

SF alpha anime: Crap. But not as bad as generations.

Sf Generations: Already been discussed to death. It was just so boring.

SF Malibu comics: Bad script. Plus Honda fought some Malibu super-hero called the Ferret or something. Pretty gay.

I agree, I remember I thought that the SF2 tournament could happen in the way that tokuma comic stated. I really liked the story and the art (some people here don’t like the art of that comic but I just seem to love it). even if it wasn’t canon I liked how Ryu was somehow more “lighthearted” and a food lover, but he was serious during fights. The story of Tokumas version made a lot of sense to me at that time, I was a kid and knew very little about the SF2 story aside of what the games and instruction boocklets/magazines implied. A thought of mine is that instead of having the SF2V anime series, they should have made the Tokuma (Masaomu Kansaki) comic/manga in animation adding some extra episodes with Cammy, Feilong, T.Hawk and Dee Jay, (they weren’t present in the comic). I remember reading the thing and thinking it was sooo anime worthy. as you can see I’m a big fan of that comic, excuse me :smile:

By the way I really like what UDON is doing, kinda incorporating the whole mess that Capcom did in the SF canon with SF Alpha3 in a understandable way for the less informed SF fan, all done with great story and superb art

Didn’t anyone mention the Street Fighter 2 ride?!

With Dated 3d graphics and two voice actors. Very lame.

Or that god awful Korean live action tv series (At least thats what it looked like) . Though it was pretty funny. Zangief being played by a tiny korean man was awesome.

I downloaded these movies ages ago from I think someone should submit them to the randomania section of

The worst game conversion goes to the Amiga version of Street Fighter 2. Shudder. The dragon punch was a CHARGE move!


i TRIED to forget…

do you remember his spinning lariat?!

fools… the lot of them

best: the movie city hunter’s hommage… especially the part where jackie chan dresses as chun li! yata!

anyone else notice on chappelle’s show season 2, the one where he knocks up oprah, his asian girl masseuse is named chun li. hahehehe that one is good too.

i dont like the fact that ryu and ken always fuckin prevails in every fight they participated in the comics and movies

CITY HUNTER FTW :clap: :clap:

Check out that Yoga Fire…too good :rofl:

You should check out the first 3 episodes of SF2 V. They get beat down horribly.