The best assist character ever?!



ok… to b honest… i was just making a controversial subject so ppl would look at this :lol: anywayz… a more appropriate subject would b something along the lines of “the most neglected assist ever?!” cuz around my area at least, i dont see him played that much… after reading all the ken threads, i found that a lot o ppl used his aa assist, but after experimenting with his expansion assist, it seemed that that was better for set ups and stuff ( i was messing around with a team of sent/guile/ken for all wondering)… anywayz, thats my main q, but a general topic featuring some strategies would b nice… as far as ive seen, hes a pretty solid all around character, and i seem to prefer him to cammy, commando, psylocke, and most other characters used for their assists… the whole hurricane kick seems to have been covered previously, but any other tactics would b great… thanx


so no1 out there plays ken :confused: well… any1 know his infinte? im just curious… ive heard about it, but never seen it… something like lp,lp, hurricane kick [in corner] … i dunno, i cant remember… can some1 at least give me a description of that?


(In Corner) Jump in, LP, LP, LK Hurricane Kick, repeat.

[Copied from Gamefaqs]


ok thanx… any1 have any vids o ken or anythin? in fact- doesnt any1 wana talk about ken?! eh watever…im too tired to care right now…


I’ve tried this infinite but I can’t get it to work. After the hurricane kick, I end up about a half a step to the side of the other character. How am I supposed to do a jumping LP after that?


Well Im absolutely sure that there are a hundred better Ken players then me, but I seem to be able to take out alot of crap I shouldnt be able to with him on point. I personally cant do the corner infinite, but its not like I really try, but I agree that he is extremely underrated. There are two things that im starting to get pretty good at that really give me an egde no matter who im playing. Wave dashing with Ken and the Air Hurricaine kick. Im sure there is somebody out there who can explain it better but I cant. Its more of a feel thing, but when it comes to the hurricaine kick I have at least been able to figure this much out…

  • His Air HKs unless the jump is registered as backwards will always carry forwards. This in my opinion is the Key to mastering them.

  • His super jump HKs towards a super jumping opponent do the most damage since as far as I can tell, this is the easiest way to get all the kicks to connect with an airborn opponent, other then launching them or catching them in a corner jumping up. Its also a hell of alot easier to catch super jump whores off gaurd then just trying to get the perfect agle to combo them since there is alot of lee way in when exactly to execute the HK. I personally have the most success, when blocking the first hit of an opponent in the air then HK.

  • His normal jump HKs, IMO, are his most useful. I have been practicing these for the last couple of months pretty much every day and its worth it. I use these as a confuser tactic, esspecially if the opponent is not a beamer. Its pretty funny to watch how afraid some people are when you just keep jumping back and forth over them with normal jump HKs. A very simple tactic is to normal jump up HK which will carry you forward just a little, and except for how far it carries you looks exactly like Normal jumping forward. So far nobody has caught on to the difference in matches, so its extremely easy to cross people up who almost always expect the air hk to be a little shorter or longer then the last one they just saw.

For those people who will try to intercept you, learning Kens wave dash is extremely important.

He has really fast wave dash that IMO is one of the hardest to master in the game. Once you can get off 4 or 5 wave dashes in the time he does one dash you will know youve got it down. Admittedly I still get stuffed doing it too much but in general if you can get the wave dash off that quick it will make most people more defensive, and more likely to get crossed up by an air hurricaine kick as long as you dont get too predictable with it.

All of the above tactics get taken out by a good IM or Cable.

Against Mags and Storm these tactics generally work ok since sometimes their speed will help you cross them up. But Super jump HK against storm will get you crack rocked and getting over confedent with cross-ups and trying to out combo mags on the ground will get you smashed. Try to stay close to ground against storm and try to stay airborn against mags. I didnt need to say that, thats common knowledge.

Just for the record, sometimes I smoke too many magical herbs and have in the past posted delibritely wrong info, but I take Ken seriously, so if you have a dissagreement as to how to use his moves then be gentle or flame yourself.


ken is a good assist and on point character but he has a lot of weeknesses… his range is poor…he’s speed is quite slow… he can’t do seroius damage unless his very near to the opponent… but i like his aaa… it’s like cammy but better… invincible!!!


nice informative post gunz- any good combos ud like to share?
and to demonstrate how incredibly bad i am… wavedashing is when u basically go pp, df, pp, df right? i guess my main problem is… i never really practiced it cuz im lazy and cant play well :frowning: any advice on learning wavedashing? by the way… i dont have a good stick at home, and when i go to the arcade, theres always a few guys playing that can crush me so its kinda hard to practice anything… so any advice would b great


Yeah dude the wave dashing part is easy and hard. Meaning the hardest part is learning how to do it consistantly. It is tough because I have lost more matches trying to wave dash then anything else.

All you really half to do is dash and then tap down before the dash animation ends. Kens is really hard IMO because there are basically no indicaters in the earliest parts of the animation that will tell you to tap down. But Basically you should be tapping down almost imediately after you hit PP. Just start off canceling one dash at a time, if you try to force it, youll never learn. In reality the motion is beyond easy but to get it to work well in a match you have to basically learn to do it blind.

If you find yourself ending each WD attempt with a jab then that means your hitting fierce punch to early or jab a little too late.

If you end each WD attempt with a crouching feirce for example then adust by hitting jab a little early.

Basically hitting any button besides down will cancel the dash into what ever move you hit first. So start off first by learning to cut the dashes in half and incorporate it into your fighting.
Then when you feel like it try cutting the dash in the earlier parts of the dash and then the latter parts of the dash, then you should half at least four solid dashes. A regular dash, WD cut in the first third of the anime, WD cut in half, And one Cut right before it ends.

When it comes down to it, everything I said above is probably way to elaborate, since everybody goes about it differently, but when it comes to Ken IMO its extremely important to have that dashing down. If you want a character that has an easier learning curve when it comes to dashes, then try learning Doctor Doom. He hops up and down Every time you cut the dash and it looks cool, plus it will make you appretiate how a slow character like Ken can Easilly speed his shit up if he can dash right.

When it comes to Ken combos, I really cant tell you anything that hasnt been covered by other people.

But if your asking about combos, mabey you didnt know that some of kicks arent activated in the air unless your holding up or up towards or what ever. Everytime you meet somebody in the air you should at least go for lp, lk, lp, air hurricaine kick.

If people are getting wise about your jump in combos then try to learn how to cancel a J. lp into a Feirce Shoryuken. Nobody expects that and its a good way to get an opponent to hesitate when you jump in the next time mabey expecting you to do a meaty combo or to go for a cr. lk, in which case and soon as you hit the ground, you should do a normal jumping Air HK over them and then immediately to that QCB+P dash back to the original side you HK from. Learning this generally make them think that your trying to outsmart them in which case, the next time you jump in you should just try a normal jump in combo.
You basically have to learn how to stay glued to your opponent, without giving away any pattern, because even a super scrubby beamer IM can just Repulsor blast xx Photon fag connon and your dead.

Just learn to cut that wave dash like a pro and the rest should fall into place.


pros of using ken’s AAA - total invincibility…

cons of using ken’s AAA - the DAMAGE SUX, the angle isn’t good for fighting sentinels; not to mention it gives sentinel’s unfly for free

thas the very basic truth to ken


** 50mOrEcEnTz **
pros of using ken’s AAA - total invincibility…

cons of using ken’s AAA - the DAMAGE SUX, the angle isn’t good for fighting sentinels; not to mention it gives sentinel’s unfly for free

thas the very basic truth to ken

I guess that would be true if you play Ken like most people play him, which is like a bull trying to push people in corners.


hey gunz thanx for the info on wavedashin, my dc is busted so now i cant play at home at all, so i’ll have to hope i get to an arcade to mess around this weekend…
wat u think of his expansion assist? i was messing around and it seems to have a lot of potential for combo setups… of course i dont have many ideas… do u? lol… i gotta get some work done… laterz…


Ken expansion is underrated IMO, it’s sort of a cross between psy and cyke. ScrubKen w/ expansion is decent, but Ken on point sucks. Cyke Commando and Psy range from decent to great on point.

Ken on point loses to any top tier character. End of discussion. Shoryureppa is decent, but lacks the damage you need. The best damage is AHK, but land his launcher is impossible.

Either way, you need to get close. Storm and Cable will keep you out, Magnus will rush you down, and Sent just stomps on your ass. He doesn’t have the mobility or range to compete.

Nice assists though.


oh yeah:bluu: what does your ken AAA do? a powerful dragon punch?