The Best Bluetooth Headset

I’m looking for a good headset mainly for use with my PS3 and phone.

I have one currently (cheap ol’ motorola one) but I feel like the sound isn’t loud enough, it hurts to leave it on my ear and everyone can hear everything going on around me (much to the annoyance fo everyone).

I was thinking between the official PS3 one and the Jawbone Ailph but… I don’t know too much about this stuff.

Thanks Tech Talk. You ALWAYS kick ass.:woot:

I wouldn’t use a bluetooth for the ps3 just for the sole fact you can hear everything (ie: baby crying, stupid music playing in the background, player arguing with their family, etc.). I only had that problem when playing COD and be forced to mute if they’re not helping out the team. I haven’t use a bluetooth for any other games so I can’t say if you would go through the same shit like in COD.

I have the motorola h680 and it works very well for me. =)

Thanks for the response, but my USB ports are usually in use so Bluetooth it is.

the official one is extremely uncomfortable (for me) I have the Jawbone Prime and it works perfectly, sounds great, comfortable, doesnt need an ear loop, lasts a long time, and charges very quickly.

I have gone through quite a few headsets and the jawbone is hands down my favorite.

After looking Jawbone Prime up, I discovered that the newest line from Jawbone is the Icon, which is (supposedly) better in every concievable way (not to mention cheaper) but I’d much rather get real accounts rather then proffessional reviews.

The Jawbones have always received rave reviews but people I know that purchased the earlier models found them uncomfortable. The newer versions may fix that. I personally use a Blue Ant Z9i and love it, very comfortable, small and great noise cancelling.

Official ones have good sound quality. I know some guys who prefer it to more expensive stuff. The big mute button is also a plus.

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Seconding both of these with regards to the Official Blu Tooth headset. It picks up everything and is extraordinarily uncomfortable. It’s a good thing you can switch ears with it because I can’t take it for more than ~20 minutes before it’s really hurting my ears. Also while the mute button is nice and big it’s almost impossible to adjust the volume without taking or knocking it off your ear.

The new one has some new features that I personally won’t use but you might. They both go in your ear and have the same ear bud. Its extremely comfortable and its easy to forget you have it on. The only draw back is they are small so it can be misplaced easily too. Not having an ear loop is a huge plus also because its very easy to put in and take out…you can get them cheap on ebay…i got one for the wife for 50 brand new

Thanks for the responses! I found an Icon for 38$ on Ebay.

EDIT: Damned vultures on Ebay made it go up to 61 shipped. Still better then in the store I suppose.