The best capcom ports

with all the complaints about the sf ports on the new collections disc ive decided to compile a list of the best conversions for people who dont want to emulate. Id like to let everyone know that emulation is clearly the best way to go 99 percent of the time.

x-menvsstreetfighter-saturn latest revision
marvel superheroes-saturn
mvc1-dc outstanding port from what i remember
3rd strike- ps2 clearly

i would be willing to give reasons and answer questions since ive played them all extensively

in my opinion ps never really gets a good port except 3s

All SF2s = PSX, the Saturn versions had way too many bugs, sprites too big, etc…
SFA1 = PSX clearly, the Saturn version didn’t have as much work put into it, and had sloppy programming
SFA2 = Saturn
SFA3 = none because they’re all fucked anyway

Can you clarify where the listed versions come from? SFA2 Gold (on the SF Collection) was great, but SSF2T on that same compilation has known slow-down issues (from what I’ve read…can’t recall myself, as it’s been a while since I played)…and the matching service version of SSF2X has known sprite sizing issues.

actually, i think this is one of the saturn’s more flawed ports. it’s not as fast as the arcade version, has different sized character sprites, is glitchy and features really bad cpu ai.

suffers from dreadful gameplay-disrupting slowdown. some combos from the arcade do not work in this version, which includes - but not limited to - blackheart.

How is the 3s port on the ps2 better than the one on the xbox. I thought they were both the same and I would go as far as saying that the xbox version is better simply because of the live option.


How good is the port of SSF2T on the 3DO?

I was wondering the same thing.

because no one cares about xbox

ST on the 3do was ASS! You couldn’t play as O. characters and there were alot of game play bugs. Its been so long I cant remember what they were.

I agree that all the SF2’s on Saturn are bad ports. Well not as good as PSx at least.

3s on Xbox/ps2 are as close as you can get. I for one can not tell the difference between the two. But they are still not as good as the Arcade.

saturn had the closest vcs and no loading once the game started cause of the 4 meg

What are the differences between Arcade 3s and PS2/Xbox 3s? I have heard there were differences but not what they were.

On the Saturn version of Super Turbo: To fix the sprite sizes you need to change the video settings from Saturn mode to Arcade mode, or vise versa (I’ll have to check it out later).

This was actually a setting in alot of Capcom-Saturn ports. If you’re in Arcade mode, the top and bottom of the screen will be cut off, as are the left and right parts of the screen and the characters look bigger. This is because the arcade resolution is wider than what home tv’s are. Persoally I prefer the bigger sprites.

Best Capcom Arcade Ports:

Vampire Savior - Saturn
Even better than the arcade version. And ALOT prettier than the ugly Dreamcast version that smashes the sprites, fucks up the colors, and is grainy.

X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
Saturn. Hands down.

Marvel Vs. Street Fighter
Again Saturn.

Street Fighter Alpha
Saturn one is arcade perfect with load times of course. Never played PS1 version.

Street Fighter Alpha 2
Saturn version by far. More frames and less loading than PS1, plus remixed music that trumps the arcade version.

Marvel Super Heroes
PS1 and Saturn versions both suck and are plagued with slowdown, but the Saturn version has the option for a ‘near’ full animation mode if you have the 1-Meg ram cart. Edge-Saturn.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
All the home versions pretty much suck. Saturn and Dreamcast versions both have very small loading time, and full animation. However, the PS1 has the glitches and closest gameplay wise to the arcade. However, it also has long ass load times, missing animation, and ugly, 3d hit sparks. Edge - Saturn version.

Pocket Fighter
Saturn version supports full animation and less loading. PS1 version is pretty good too though.

Puzzle Fighter

PS and Saturn versions are pretty much identical. Dreamcast version features trademark ugly resolution issues.

Marvel Vs. Capcom
DC is the only home version and is good. Slowdown and dithering have been fixed, and the game features full animation, and an awesome 4 player mode called Cross Fever. Drawback: trademark ugly resolution. But it’s not that bad. -edit- there is a PS1 version but it is shit.

3rd Strike

PS2 and Xbox are both good. DC one is fucked up.

Marvel 2 and CVS 2

Both DC. CVS2 on PS2 has lower resolution, but gameplay is identical.

CVS1 and CVS Pro
DC. PS1 versions suck.

JoJo’s Adventure

looks like we have the same opinion on saturn. id also like to ad that metal slug is alot better on saturn than on ps. still ill go with mame anytime for obvious reasons. especially the save feature


marvel 1 got a PSX release.

its ass…

cant even tag out… bleh

oh i know, but parryall listed mvc as a DC only release. just clarifying things for him.

Saturn was so godly…


I’m suprised no one has mentioned the excellent DC and PS2 ports of CvS2. The only problems I know of are a slight speed difference but I don’t know of any port that doesn’t suffer from that.

  1. Tengu Stone works different on console. The stune/stuff follow Oro faster and more steadily than the arcade version, thus making TS blocked strings a little more effective and safer on console

  2. Even though many people don’t notice this, PS2 is very slightly faster than Arcade, and Xbox is very slightly faster than PS2. It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between them with naked eye, but the difference can be “felt” when playing, expecially if you switch between versions often OR if you are quite used to one version and suddenly jump to another. Late cancels get harder to do on reaction going from arcade to ps2 to xbox; timings for combos that require tight timing feel different.

It’s easier to adapt to the slower version than doing the opposite… I regularly play on both PS2 and Arcade, and I can clearly feel the difference (but couldn’t one year ago…), stuffs comes easier on arcade even with worse stick/buttons than my PS2 HRAP. You have to reach a certain level to “feel” it, and it matters less for certain characters anyway so depending on who you play it can get easier or harder to notice
On the occasions when I had to play on Xbox, it took me some matches to adapt.

Just to make another example: even if I’m not a shoto player, i can hitconfirm Ken’s cMK into SAIII with a decent rate on arcade. I have an hard time doing it on ps2 (can do that only with LOTS of concentration), and I just can’t do that on Xbox.

There might be some more differences, but those are the main ones I found.

The DC version of MvC is hella not arcade perfect…not even close. Even basic, basic stuff like Gambit’s infinite is messed up. I can’t tell if it’s been completely removed, or if it’s just done differently, but it is clearly not the same as the arcade, because I can’t get it consistently at all, where as it’s the easiest infinite in the game on the arcade version.

One other thing right off the top of my head: the characters don’t disappear like they should during DWM team cheating.