What’s up guys?!? What was your favorite system that carried most or all of your favorite fighters? What system seemed to have the closest arcade perfect conversions? Did you ever have gaming marathons with your friends on this system? Mine was the Sega Saturn. Between all of the SF2 collections, SFA1, SFA2 Gold, SFA3, Pocket Fighter, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Super Puzzle Fighter, and the GODLY Darkstalker games, Nightwarriors and Vampire Savior, this system was MY Capcom fighters dream come true. The joypads were pure heaven, and if you had MAS Arcade Sticks for it too, you’d have some marathon fights that would last from one day into the next. I always had a cool bunch of peeps to chill with and we’d play this system until you could fry an egg on it! We would use the VCR to record our matches too! This made the games even more competitive because nobody wanted to look like a chump on tape. The winner got to keep the tape and rub all of your faces in it whenever he wanted to by just popping in the tape!
We’d go from one Capcom fighter to another all night long 'till the sun came up.
I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who had marathon gaming. LOL, those were the days! :lovin: Sega Saturn… YES, it was good for SOMETHING! :wgrin:

NeoGeo AES, followed by the Saturn, PS2 and DC.

Fixed it for you. :wgrin:

got his MVS for 60 bucks at a southamerican online auction

kof 2k2 forever :lovin:

Sega Saturn, Mega Drive and after that anything else is fine.

Sega Saturn was (and still is) a 2D fighters dream-machine. If you had the Action Replay 4MB+ cart, and the imports, you’d be set.

A modded PS2 is nothing to overlook however. Some FANTASTIC titles (for fighters) have been released for the PS2, and Japan offers even goodies.

I would mention a modded Xbox, but i don’t know if you’re counting emulation and whatnot.

Actually, now that I think of it… isn’t XBox live supposed to be the biggest thing for fighting game fans now? I don’t own one because I’m not really sure how it works or how good the games are— I heard there’s a lot of lag which can’t be much fun. Anybody own one? How does the online part work? Do you pay by the minute? What if you already have an ISP for your home computer, could you use their service for the XBox? Lastly, is XBox Live for the regular X Box System or XBox 360? Much thanks for the info if you can! :wgrin:

Wow, way to hijack the thread.

1.) Yes, I own an Xbox (and Xbox Live)

2.) It requires a high speed internet connection, one end of the ethernet cable goes into the router (or wall), the other goes into the Xbox.

3.) No, you do not pay by the minute. You pay a yearly fee of $49.99 (i think), or in 3 or 6 months increments.

4.) Yes, if you already have an ISP (high-speed), that will work just fine.

5.) Xbox Live is for both systems, but each system has their own interface and online options. 360 is “better”, but you pay more for it in the end…

NeoGeo AES, saturn, DC best combo you can ever had.

As for AES vs MVS (the only real debate here) yeah it’s a tough call, but I wouldn’t call an MVS a console. If that was the case then you could argue CPS2 as a strong item.

PS2. It has most of the fighters on there.

Tekken franchise
GGXX franchise
3rd Strike
Hyper Street Fighter II
Recent KOF games
Recent Samurai Showdown games
Mark of the Wolves
Soon-to-be Alpha franchise
All the older fighters can be found on Arcade Classics or Greatest Hits games (ie. Mortal Kombat)

DC cuz it has MvC2

then PS2, Saturn tied

i’m not an SNK fan that much

DC for me, some games might not be arcade perfect but

Mvc2, 32, HSF2, SFA3, KOD 02, Garou, Cvs2.

i dont play guilty gear and 3d fighters much so bam.

Before KoFXI rolled into my arcade and GGXX became stale, my laptop was for marathons to keep them busy because of the old obscure fighters I got.

the DC and PS2 are near tied, however, the PS2 does have VF4:EVO, #r and slash, and a few more (however, the MVC2 port on DC is of course better).

The Xbox is in last place, and Live is no adding point, playing games with 1 frame cancels and all kinds of timing with lag is pointless IMO.

Lol wtf, its definetely PS2 hands down.

The system practically has all the good fighters, and I’m not counting if they’re arcade perfect or not, I don’t think there are other systems that has a fighter that PS1/2 don’t. I don’t mind if its arcade perfect or not, cause none of them are really THAT much off, so its all good.

I fucking <3 my J-PS2.

(modded or NTSC-J) PS2 and DC is pretty much all you need.

Arcade is ideal though :smiley:

What’s up with the lag though? Is it really as bad as most peeps make it out to be? If so, it’s gotta make doing combos and reactionary moves damned near impossible! I’m seriously considering buying one though because there isn’t enough comp at the arcades around here. Would still have purchased it knowing what you know now from 1st hand experience? Also, anybody know if the PS3 will feature a live connection for fighters too. If so, I should probably wait to see what works better. Thanks again for the info and any new input would be appreciated. Afterall, I don’t want to invest my $$$ into garbage! :confused: :wonder:

Sony announced a Live like system but with very few details so who knows. Hopefully they can do it well. The story that SF2 for XBL Arcade is delayed because they can’t work out the Lag issues is just sad.

Back when I still knew people who played fighting games, the Dreamcast was king. We spent hundreds of hours playing Alpha 3 and Soul Calibur on that thing, along with a whole lot of other games. To bad sega completely fucking screwed-up with everything else on the Dreamcast - how the fuck is it that the only genre that generated die-hard Dreamcast players just happens to be the one with some of the weakest sales?

The PS wasn’t anything to sniff at, either. Tekken 1, 2, and 3, the original DoA, Alpha 2 Gold, and gimpy Alpha 3 before the DC version was released… that thing was awesome during its heyday - but mostly because Sega screwed around with the Saturn in the US.

For me and my friends it was the Sega Saturn during that Summer of 97 when all the import Capcom games where out and like you said that controller was perfect for fighters. However, I also had those awesome Japanese Sega Saturn Virtua Sticks which made things even better. Here is a pic of it, but this one has been modified for the PS2

Then when the Japanese DC came out during the Winter of '98 I imported that from my local import shop. Got that with Sega Rally 2 and Virtua Fighter 3B which was fun, but was just a sample of what was to come to this machine. Then in Feb of '99 the great game called Power Stone came out as well as these godly arcade sticks. Then near the end of March, Marvel vs Capcom came out which had that hell a fun, but really broken 4-player cross over fever mode. With that I bought another set of arcade sticks, which now I have 4 of these babies(jealous:arazz: , JK) Then that was the start of a slew of fighters from Guilty Gears to KOF. It was a great time for my friends and I.

Then now my friends and I are all into my modded Xbox with all the fighters it has through emulation. We all use my MAS sticks I got just for this and now that takes up a lot of our time.

Xbox Live is great but it with the Lag it just isn’t the same. And unfortunately, it won’t be fixed anytime in the near future. However, its still great to play with real people since the Arcade scene is dead. In my experience I have a lot of good games, but when the lag is bad, its real bad.