DC for me and my circle of buds. Followed by PS2. Only one of my friends owned a Saturn, and she wasn’t so much into fighters.


Wow, it’s that far off in the future?!? BTW, SF2 for XBL? Wouldn’t that be the same as SF2:AE though which is already playable on XBL? I thought it was anyways. how do we still have lag in this day and age with all of the advancements in video gaming and online technology? :confused:


Lag is something inevitable, but with most games, this is not really a problem, most games can afford a bit of slowdown, this is unlike fighting games though. First of all a huge amount of imputs have to be sent and it all goes in enormously small time frames, like in guilty gear XX there’s certain things which require timing on 1/20th of a second, when you would play this online it’s not very likely that you’ll have less slowdown than like 50ms, this sort of screws up your very precise timing, making a fighting game quickly unplayable.

Nevertheless I’d say SF2 should run quite well with a bit of slowdown, since it isn’t exactly the quickest fighting game out there. Now, I’m not really a big SF2 player so I might be wrong on that point.

I don’t believe that Online fighting games will ever succesfully emulate fighting games like it would be with the player next to you. And by saying this I’ll be proven horribly wrong in the upcoming years, that always happens :stuck_out_tongue:


So if you already have the XBoxLive experience, would you do it again if you could go back in time (buy it again?)?


Exactly, the MVS is and always is ARCADE, whereas the AES is the incredibly expensive console incarnation (then there’s the NeoCD, but we won’t get into that).

If the MVS is thrown into the mix, then I can throw in my Naomi board into the mix.

Naomi MvC2 >>>>> every other MvC2 including the DC


I deeply regret not getting a saturn so I guess its DC for me, followed by AES (REAL BOUT SPECIAL BITCHES!). I remember back in the day when me and my friends played soul calibur all night once. then I got 3rd strike and alpha 3 and my life was changed forever. of course those werent the only fighters I had for dreamcast. I also had some damn good times on genesis, me and my whole family would gather round and play street fighter 2, I DOMINATED with dhalsim. but slowly everyone wanted to play MK and it gets lonely playing good games. I made myself depressed.



the real MvC2, MvC1… CvS2, CvS1… 3s… JoJo’s 1 & 2… Last Blade… Alpha 3… Plasma Sword… Psychic Force…


^^ and all the other SNK games on it…

KoF 99-2k2, LB2, Garou, etc.

and you can’t forget project justice


modded xbox…

nuff said close thread!