The BEST Cross Assault Audition yet WOW!

Hello Shoryuken, its Pro Gamer Rabies iP here. Im auditioning for Cross Assault and representing anyone that lives in NY and the East Coast. Check out my audition tape and drop me a comment at the bottom on youtube. I guarantee you wont be dissapointed…


I won’t even watch it because you opened this bold and advertise only thread…

So what… its 545am stop hating

Pro gamer hope u win

Thank you metro! Thanks for the support brotha, if u wana go further just drop by youtube and leave the comment there!

You sound pompous, scrubish, disrespectful, and dense. You say you’ve been playing fighting games for 10 years, then list only the newest ones available.

You’re the perfect candidate for the first person to be put out of competition.

Use the stickied thread.