The best dudley player out of japan!

Hello , i am a third strike player in asia. i visit this website for long time. But this is my first time to post sometime. I wnat to ask all of you guys. Who do you think is the best dudley out of japan? ( i like victoly very much )


Did u mean ppl from Japan or outside of Japan??


victoly and pyrolee

Outside of Japan? Victoly, for sure.
Japanese? Kokujin, IMO, but I’ve seen a couple of other Dudleys who could give him a run for his money.

BTW…has Victoly ever played Kokujin? Most people would probably put Kokujin on top but that would be a real chess match.

Kokujin vs. victoly

Wasnt that part of evo bo3? I’ve got one match where kokujin wins x.x not sure about about the other one.

Anyway I reckon vic/ironfirst or hong. Ironfist was really impressive in the last ffa ranbat beating vic.

i think Victoly is very strong and very good in balance the attack and defence. I don’t know a ironfirst. But i have watached some Hong video include the ranbat VS kokujin. IMO , he is not stable enough and i think he is just lucky to kill the MOV team member in that ranbat.

victoly and kokujin are both retired so what’s the point of quoting them.

I think the best Dudley player still playing is Hong - he’s from Australia? Or Korea? Or maybe he’s a Korean living in Australia? I think that’s what it is. He’s good.

I thought Victoly was back. He’s out? I’ll have to see some of Hong’s Dudley…

Fujiwara > Kokujin IMO. Both are amazing.

Best US Duds though are Epoch and VictoLy

lol, okay buddy whatever you think. Hong OCV’ed 3 or 4 straight teams in that tournament before playing Kokujin’s team. I guess that was a fluke to? :looney:

He is from Melbourne, Australia… of Chinese background. My vote goes to Hong to… living in Japan for 2 months has upped his game to another level once more. Although Victoly is really good as well and seems to be training up hard for SBO. Will be good to see them play each other during SBO week this year.

But then again from what Hong told me Kokujin and Fujiwara are on another level compared to both of them. :wasted:

Hong got to play against Fujiwara? Any vids of this :wonder:?

Yeah he did, but I don’t think he got any vids of them playing sadly.

Damage310. Hands down

Hong seems to be the strongest outside of japan atm.

Kokujin and Fujiwara are both great players but i’ve always liked 178 the most. I think he is the best.

C-royd’s dudley is really good.

obviously epsilon.