The best DUO in the game and why

I am curious to what everyone else thinks about this. As of lately I have been noticing alot more strider doom play. I think this is the best duo in the game. I think the only problem with it is that it gets randomed out. I think this duo beats every thing in the game cause it is not aimed on hitting you so you don’t have to open people up. Its great for turtlers and Really good against rush down and can catch runaway.

i’d say storm/psy is up there, that combo seems to be able to beat anything when the right person is playing.


Stryder and Doom because cats and playing with rocks are everyones child hood dream.

strider/doom pretty much because of the reasons listed already. =/ plus i’ve been playing strider since day one so i’m biased.

on the same note, sent/commando is also good as hell. i always have trouble against them.


mag/sent-a hurts people really fast and is fun to watch

sent/capcom hurts people really fast but gets lame after a while

no one around here really plays strider/doom, or marvel even besides me :confused:

either sentinel/commando or mags/psy but i’ll say sent/commando.

shits too raw.

Strider/Doom because if they have momentum the damage is guaranteed.
Orbs=automatic momentum

couldn’t have said it better. Mag/Psy is HELLA crazy shit, but Sent/Commando is just too powerful.

sent/capcom: best mix of offense and defense in the game

I dunno…someone that plays msp reallly really well wit crossups, good execution and timing, can own up nicely…ala josh, j-wo, soo, brandon, etc.

iono i think mag/psy is hella crazy…i juss freeze up when im fightin an msp…shit is scarier than sent/cap IMO…i havent played against strider/doom in a while so i cant really judge…but yah i think mag/psy is way too good…


Mag/Psy Gets Boring To Play At Times
Even Is Sent Capcom Too , I Really Prefer That Over Mag Psy

Post of the thread.

I will counter with Kawasumi Mai/Child Mai

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I’ll have to go with Minagi/Michiru

Minagi + Michiru = High/Low madness.

As for Marvel, I’d have to go with Sent/Capcom. If you close your eyes and mash on the assist button, all your problems magically fly away (seriously).

I think the best Duo is Mag/Psy EASY. And I know no one will agree with me since damn near everyone is a sent capcom scrub but, I feel MSP is the best team in mvc2 (when played correctly). Cant wait to see everyone bash that statement. Let’s go

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