The Best Fighter. A Short Story by Obot64

Any body interested can view my short story, about street fighter


This is my first real story release… I plan on edging my lit section of my site heavily but I figure I can still post this story to the SRK community, as it will be a cornerstone.

Here is a Review of the story… By my editor Jonathan Kade

The Best Fighter - twelve pages - Turf warfare over Street Fighter II excellence is the subject of this informed and funny glimpse at arcade culture. It’s one of the best expressions of the “why” of competitive video gaming I’ve read. Really fun and really insightful. – Jonathan Kade

Great story. The biggest problem is that in no game does jumping fierce, standing fierce, shoryuken (DP or super) hit with Ryu. Two fierces push the opponent back too far.

Heh, heh. Not bad. I lost my first wizzards tournament the same way. Not to a kid, but I had been whippin’ ass prior to the tournament and regarded all wizzards gamers as trash. Whoops… Of course I won my second :evil:

BTW, who’s Chung Li:lol: ?

Thx, Hollow. For a long time I was trying to get in contact with you to ask you what kinds of re-dizzy combo should I use… I never got around to it though.
Chung Li? did I misspell?

Did you ever specify which game they were playing? If my memory serves me correctly, ST was one of the few games where you could redizzy someone, but only under extreme circumstances. Supers don’t add to your dizzy meter, though. If you want, I can be your consultant on damage/combos in your next installment.

Its Chun LI. No “G”

Just PM me if you want to get in touch with me.

Yes Pm’ing is always an option, but sometimes I wish to extend a more personal affect. But those fellows were playing sf2, original, with no super bar. Indeed the story is set in the past, before my time. Thanks for the spelling correction, small mistakes of that sort (and even some bigger) I would not notice ever.

Off the top of my head, here is my initial impression:

Plodding and inefficient dialogue coupled with formulaic [“quote” said (person)] interstitials bookending disjointed paragraphs tramp through the mind until the anticlimax punctuates what is overall a sophomoric piece of masturbatory prose.

Repeated misspellings of genre standards of “Chun Li,” and “shoryuken” at best lend to poor proofreading, and the simplified situation of 9F,F,DP may work the uninitiated reader, but the target audience of what one can only hope is actually an assignment will debunk in short order the believability of the approach, leaving the common prole to wonder “who cares about this?” and the ensconced veteran saying “who believes this?” Unflattering titles directed by the unsympathetic players of the modern day, “loser” will likely be the choice of any who don’t play the game, with the more irritating “scrub” title being assigned by any who take the subject seriously.

The large, centered “THE END” that marked the finish line of the Run-on Marathon was a joy to read.

Ivy thanks for your criticisms.

The misspellings were a bit annoying, but in general, it was a good story. I’ve always wanted to write something like this…but I haven’t been able to sit down and write for a good while…

Great story:cool:

Man, reading that story makes me sad. I miss the old days, when everyone played, everyone was freakin good, and everyone had a great time :frowning:

I fixed the two misspellings, m121akuma, if you have found additional errors please let them be known.

Just the misspellings of “Shoryuken” and Chun-Li. Again, nothing major, and they were previously pointed out. It didn’t really detract from the story, so don’t worry.

Goukito Made a thread concearning weather ryu’s 3 fierce combo can or ever still worked or works.’s “3FC!!” Goukito and Lil’ John Chat

haha good story man, just felt like me playing against my mate who has been playing ST from when it came out and me winning once every blue moon :stuck_out_tongue: awesome story goes to read others