The Best Fighting Game Your 2011 Year End Verdict!

What’s up everyone? I just wanted to know what was the best fighting this year for you, as the year is ending, and I know there’s still much to come out and to be expected as far as Street Fighter X Tekken Soul Calibur, Skull Girls and Persona 4. But that’s next year. I was curious to know because there was a handful of fighting games that came out, but yet few came to me as overrated and not worth playing anymore because to me it’s either not tournament savvy or it’s not challenging, which is why I believe SF IV is still this years best fighting game, and will continue to dominate in the next couple of years I almost said Tekken 6 which to me is still a great game, I’ll tell you why. If you look at Street Fighter IV the challenge is there, no rushing, no looking over your back for extra characters to come out to bombard you you have a good window timing for cancels and good transitions for other moves with a less chance of dropping combos, and you don’t have to worry about training 3 to 10 characters get the right set of squad, no combo shortcuts just good old fashion lp,mp,hp etc. Also you do have to think about match-ups and strategy for other characters. And yeah you can say there’s a tier problem and I agree but the changes will be made for SF IV in v12, and lastly what’s a tournament without SF IV? I’ve touched on Marvel and a game I think just rope a doped America. The mechanics in the game is way too easy not challenging at all, with too many midget characters and unappealing characters and high hit damages, I mean lets be honest Dante and Deadpool made that game, also people still would agree that MVC 2 is still better regardless of UMVC3. I’m sorry I just can’t see that game still being a hit in years to come.

Blaze Blue CS, I was a fan of Blaze Calamity Trigger until this came out but Blaze has became a game where the impossible is possible there’s absolutely no restrictions in what you can do and true it’s a sprite game, but really…one mistake and you pay for it, barrier bursts where you can combo into and make a comeback with two forty hit combos, I just think this was the most broken game to date, but with the most interesting story-lines starring Sol Bad Guy I mean Ragna the Bloodedge. Mortal K made a comeback (a tremendous comeback!) but only the story-line kept me playing and for some reason I still prefer Mortal K Trilogy. And last KOF XIII quite frankly I already traded that game. My biggest problem with that game is the window for cancels is just way too short and I like a challenge but this was over the top some of the missions is ridiculous that kept me up for hours figuring what to do in so little time which tells me there a high risk of dropping combos during the game. Believe me you can keep combos simple but the meat and potatoes of the game is cancelling and trying to cancel moves online is a pain due to lagging input delays. This is my reason on why I think SF IV is the best fighting game to me as of this year. What’s yours and why? Thanks for replies.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 imo, it is very popular among American players and it delivered, when you put all the stuff aside, the game is really fun. Mostly because people got abit tired of SF4, and wanted something else.

It’s Street Fighter IV; Street Fighter VI is Street Fighter 6. Not trying to bust your balls or anything, just fyi.

Whoops! (lol) good catch.

The only fighters to catch my attention were BB and KOFXIII.

I vote KOFXIII as my fighting game of the year.

KOF13. No bullshit comeback mechanics, easy mode characters, or ridiculous input shortcuts.

Amazing game. 2D Sprite animation. And it’s really, really fucking balanced. It’s a patch away from having good online too.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Simple reason. It’s the most fun to play. After that is
SSFIV:AE because… I don’t know I just keep going back. I wanted to get into KOF but its like an entirely sperate job to learn the very fundamentals and the cast is… Kinda boring compared to Marvel and Street Fighter.


What he said. Not many good fighting games to play this year besides KOF XIII and Mortal Kombat (but MK9 is a different story).

newer school players: mvc3/sf4
old school players: kof 13
summary of inb4


KOF XIII so so good

King of Fighters 13

As for 2012 will Skullgirls stay alive long enough for the award?(good chance with all the dlc)

I’m not going to disagree with mvc2 being better, but (I know this is going to get a lot of flame) mvc3 is still a good game. It’s cool if you dislike the game because there are plenty of reasons for it, but your reasons are just silly. You also contradict yourself. You say the challenge for sf4 is there, but you go on to name reasons that make the game easy.

An exciting one?

“It’s too different” isn’t a very valid reason to prefer a game over another.
But yeah, what Rokmode said.

Different? That’s what you got out of what I said? KOF is so NOT different its scary, the only difference is in SF and Marvel (and even BB to a lesser degree) I don’t have to bang my head against the wall to get the ridiculous “slow yet fast” timing to combo. I said the cast was kind of bland so I guess its different that most of the characters are bland.

KoF XIII: Real Honest Fighting

Super Turbo, game of the year all years

This year: KOFXIII
Next year: VF5FS

Mortal Kombat all the way.

A full featured game with interesting and unusual mechanics, a large (usable) roster, and support that will become the minimum standard in the coming years. It has to be the strongest reboot of a gaming franchise I’ve ever seen.