The Best Fighting Game Your 2011 Year End Verdict!

Hmmmm Maybe I should get this Kof 13 game. I was playing the demo and I couldnt do combos and hit confirms cuz I guess I dont know how the normals work in that game. But ya I should definitely cop this game when the netcode is patched.

Oh and um fighting game of the year,
Blazblue CT/CS

Best story implemented in a fighter
Music is gdlk
Relatively small roster but with a huge sense of individuality though (ie. Drive system)
Animation is smooth and fluid
Compared to GG in game mechanics BB does not do so well but compared to other new gen games it is great, sorry for the lack of details
Best online/netcode

Best Troll of all time is in the game (Hazama)


KOFXIII by far


Awww someone wants a forum battle, sorry sir but I’m not the one, I said SF IV and gave my reasons. Thanks to all posting so far and giving the thread reasons why you like the game, also I’m asking people you can dis the games but don’t start dissing people that shit is old go fight somewhere else we don’t need people squeezing the lemon, this is a discussion. It’d seems KOF XIII is on most people list maybe I’ve shouldn’t of judged it the way I did now I kinda want to play it again lol. But I still think the timing for cancelling is just too strict, but it’s good to see this is what people chose.

Well i dont’ have any problems canceling :confused: the controls and hit confirms are really nice in this game for me :slight_smile: , another thing: i see is the “trial mode” argument, those combos are impractical and you only need fractions of them, yes, KOF trial mode is maybe the most brutal mode ever, but basic bnb’s are not that difficult to land and you can enjoy the game without killing yourself in trial mode :), nice thread btw.


KoF XIII by a mile. And its funny, I almost didn’t even buy it. I played it the weekend it came out at a friend’s place and I was totally fucking blown away. You can make a game that tests the fundamentals of a good fighting game player? In 2011? Bought it two days later.
It has appeal on a couple different levels, for the casual players it has something of a story mode, not quite up to par with the standard BB put out, but for some it’s better than nothing, as well as time trial and survival, graphically I’d go so far as to say its the prettiest game this console generation, then for the target audience of the more hardcore players, they have a mission mode that explores a lot of the things your characters can do as well as some super clean gameplay.
There has been something of a fuss made about the execution requirements to be an elite KoF player, and I will agree, this game does not fuck around, nor does it care about your feelings, but compared to the IV series, where the execution barrier is somewhat arbitrary (you need 1f links in your BnBs, but the reversal window is big enough to drive a truck through), all KoF really wants is for you do do the thing you actually wanted to do, rather than throw the joystick around and go nuts with the buttons.

Any new gen game norviltataki doesnt hate Kappa

I like where your head is at. :smiley:

However in the end…I simply can’t say that game of the year for me (maybe game of the past 5 years) is the MvC3 series. I didn’t think I was going to be THAT into the game, but despite all the uhhh…‘lame’ stuff that snuck it’s way into the game, I’ve had more fun with this game than anything I can remember for a very very very very very very very very very very very very long time! I dumped well over 600hrs into the first one (over 400 in training mode alone!) treating it like a puzzle game at times. The game just has sooo much freedom it hurts my mind at times, it’s ALWAYS making you open your mind up no matter how good you are, and, it was still no where near figured out by the ‘end’.

Ultimate for the most part fixed my only big gripe with the game, which was the online play. I can’t get around so freely right now so online is a HUGE thing for me, and it’s ten times better in umvc3, and they fixed a ton of other stuff too that left a sour taste.

All that said…KOF XIII is easily #2 for me, and if I just voted emotionally I’d have given it the top spot, but that just wouldn’t have been fair. Once that patch for the netcode comes out, and if it truly makes the netcode good…dear God! I REALLY hope that happens, because more people really should get to enjoy this epic game! It’s been out for what like 10 minutes?!?..and it’s already a classic to me. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t know what to do if VF somehow finally got it’s time in the spotlight next year on consoles. I think I’d literally cry tears of joy!


Arcana Heart 3.

Though KOFXIII would be next on my list.

In 2011 -

  1. KoF13
  2. AH3

In 2012 -

  1. Final Showdown
  2. Final Showdown
  3. Final Showdown

BBCS2. (real uniqueness from the cast)
UMVC3. (teh madness).

The others i really didnt have any fun playing them.

Just like Tekken 6 before them and Final Showdown after them, they’re just going to be ignored in the long run though.
In the case of AH3, being Sony’s fault.

KOFXIII and AH3 for sure.

*:shake: *

KOFXIII hands down. No Contest. Let Capcom fumble about with their updates. Go SNK.

BBCS2, MK9 & KOFXIII are tied for me
MVC3 is fun, but lose points for releasing the revision the same year


isnt this a Vs thread in disguise?, wich btw are against the rules

Sorry for pointing out your inability to articulate what you’re trying to say in a reasonable manner

kof13 because no good games came out this year

Anything not made by Capcom gets my vote because my Xbox Live profile is currently set to UNDERGROUND…:smokin: