The Best Game Ever


hahahahahah look at this great game [media=youtube]RDqmmBq6XMY&NR[/media]


Looks like Project Justice with a crack addiction.




look at poison omfg ahahahahahahahaha


posion should have been in a3


How many times did Capcom re-use the Alpha3 Super noise? Lol@Rolento being able to summon a helicopter.


Looks so stupid it would be fun.


“what are the tiers?” [/srk]


“Crime doesn’t pay”

LMFAO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Loving the vid with the commentary. ‘‘BA-BANG’’. :rofl:


These guys are funny


esp the comment at the end


They should bring back the chase u with a car/helicopter super. BA-BANG!!


I remeber reading a review for this in GamFan.

They weren’t lying


one of the worst fighters ever made
and capcom rewarded the team later on by letting them make maximo ghosts to glory


how come ive never heard of this game before? where can i get a copy? i have a sega saturn sitting here and the only game i have for it is Firepro Wrestling S, oh and SFA2, and that just wont do it for me anymore, i need FFR


More games need stripper pole super.


lol at cop car super


oh man dang hah


this dude pretty much has anything I’ve ever thought about getting for saturn, even the rarest shit, and FFR is pretty damn rare…for a reason though.


Sadly…watching that makes me want this game! I’m such a sucker for Capcom!