The best Guilty Gear version?

I’m trying to get into the GG series and I’m hellah confused by the number of variations they have availabe (GGX2, GGX@#Reloaded, etc.). In your opinion, which one(s) would be the best for a GG noob?


Play Guilty Gear Isuka

GGX2? That got replaced by #R. No one plays XX anymore. GGX isn’t on anyone’s map. Don’t even bother playing that. GGXX AC is the latest one and will be for a while until there’s another installment. That’s what you should be playing. No discussion.

If you must play something else play #R. People still play that one.

wheres slash

That Wonderswan one or that GBA one…

AC and #Reload are the most fun GG games. Slash made the most sense but is pretty boring in comparison.

XX was awesome because Slayer had bite loop. Accent Core is better because Slayer has sexier combos. Shit, I don’t know if I can pick one.

AC is the most widely played ver as far as tournaments go. If you wanna play online , the online community plays #R.

Guilty Gear Petit for the win. I want to see Nurse Fanny in the console version of the game sometime.

AC would probably be the one I want to buy, I love “sexy” combos!

Anyone have some nice combo vids availabe for AC?

if youre looking for one to get into seriously, then play accent core. it is the most recent and the one that is most played currently. it may be the most balanced as well.

Def, the most balanced. The S tier chars still only have mostly 6-4 matches, and even the worst match ups like May v ABA game are still winnable.

Accent Core it is then, thanks peoples!

theres no such thing as a good version of gg

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There are too many combo vids for AC guy. Way, way too many.

Here’s a start.

Now a great site that hosted a bunch of combo vids went down so I can’t promise all the links will work.

i put ac becuase is the new one, and its extrmly great, but #reload its practically equal in greatness, i recommed you ac, but #reload is good too (i feel #R more balanced compared to ac, but its just my opinion)



As a Ky main since GGX, one would think I’d say Slash, but nah… I still voted AC.

AC and Slash are the best

In my opinion, Slash was the most balanced version of GG… but nobody plays it anymore.

My favourite version of GG would be slash, but you have to play AC now if you want to find people to play with.