The best Guilty Gear version?

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truer words have never been spoken


Anybody playing Guilty Gear on the Xbox 360?

Accent Core, obvious, but also #R is a good option… i feel that is also the most balanced GG imho.

The question is which AC are you playing? AC/ACUS/AC plus ?

wheres slash?

for the options im assuming that he is only talking about the usa releases

AC is most current, so play that one. I don’t think its anymore balanced than the previous installations, but you can see a variety of characters being played in tournies.

I started playing Testament since #R and he got upgraded in AC whereas others got botched or not upgraded enough. Ogawa came back with his Eddie in AC, but not as dominant as he was in #R. Jam is fun to watch in Slash, but I was told she got a little botched after AC came out. I don’t if Slayer is top tier, but I got 5 hit comboed by him that gave a shitload of damage. I played Faust when GGXX came out, but he got botched big time after Slash. I just don’t enjoy him anymore after they took out his qcf hs ->FRC which also doesn’t bounce your opponent anymore. It’s probably me being picky and not wanting to adapt to the new system and his new style.

I agree with this.

I personally think I had the most fun with #R, and felt that Slash was most balanced. I can’t stand AC for multiple reasons… but it’s the latest and the standard version now so everybody should be playing that.

You are correct sir, sorry I didn’t point that out…!

AC for most fun.

AC for most balanced.

Alright, AC (+) question: I’m into Justice, EX Slayer (unlocked today, and loving the hell out of him, whereas regular Slayer seems clunky by comparison), EX Jam, Chipp (both), and EX Sol. I haven’t unlocked all the EX characters yet…are there any more EX characters that are more versatile/combo-able (or just really different) compared to their regular versions?

Where the hell is Slash? That’d be my favorite. More balanced than AC (by a good deal I’d sa), but in a lot of peoples opinions, really boring!

That said, theres no reason to play anything but AC unless you’re looking for netplay. AC is far from my favorite version, but it’s what people are playing. Most people love it it anyways.

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Just wait for a couple months for BLAZBLUE to come out, OP.

The lack of Slash is pretty weird, but it did get dropped like a bad habit. Slash seemed much more traditional for the Guilty series, slightly slower pace. The Shotos are Top Tier in Slash, which says something. Whether it’s a good thing or not is up to interpretation.

AC is fun and pretty well balanced via the fact that pretty much every character has something that leads to big damage combos. Mistakes = huge comboz in AC, whereas in Slash capitalization seems more like “outplaying” your opponent instead of “outcomboing” your opponent. They’re both well balanced, but RK and OS in Slash were much worse than D Tier in AC.

#R I don’t remember much of outside of Eddie being even more arpe and Bridget/Johnny being good. The netplay is pretty damn good I’ve heard though.

Of the list, AC. Honestly, I like Slash a lot still, but AC is great too. I think a mix of Slash and AC would be perfect.



Sol seems raped in Accent Core :(.

all the ex are different for their normal versions, all of them have different ways to play, good thing if you want a change.

true, btw, i love your av, its cool

Eh, Sol ain’t that bad in AC, gotta love the Sidewinder Loop.

Also, I’d rep you if I could Phoenix, WEEGEE ftmfw.