The best horror video games you've played? Are you happy now?

what is the best horror games you’ve ever played?





scary games?

Excuse me sir but you flagged me for troll when I was being srs, Kirby scares me so plz remove that.

RE remake. Mostly Lisa

Troll reply: Halo and the Call of Dookie series.

Serious reply: Silent Hill 2, one of the most atmospheric and mind-fuckingly great games I’ve ever played. Once you start getting into the game and you let the atmosphere, SOUND, characters and story draw you in, you’re setting yourself up for some serious psychological horror.

Shittiest “horror” game I’ve ever played: Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Overrated garbage, the internet had me believe I’d be shitting my pants while playing this game. It was the opposite. I was bored out of mind, the game belongs in the adventure genre instead of the supposed horror genre it’s in. Nothing is scary about the game and nothing is redeemable about it, it’s a tedious, boring game to play.

ya i heard dark descent wasnt very good, there is a new slender man game out, havent played it yet

Why you want to play any Slender Man game is anyone’s guess.

why does anyone play anything? The new game looks a lot better

MvC3 this game is supposed to be scarier then RE and silent hill

Fuck is this shit?

After the condom came off I just couldn’t resist and finished up this one time without it.

game called white day

Fatal Frame. Supposedly it’s based on a true story, which made it that much more scarier for me.

It’s not. They just put that shit on the NA title screen for some reason.

Detective Barbie for the ps1 HOLY SHIT THAT GAME WAS INTENSE!!!