The Best Learning Character

Lets say you started the game with Zangief. Later down the line if you ever felt like switching you would have a lot of issues picking up a majority of the cast as theres not to many grapplers. (a problem my pal went threw) Of course its always good to go with a character you enjoy, but i wanted to know which character you think are best for getting down the basics? No! not the best for a beginner, but a character that someone who has been playing SSF4 for awhile could pick up and it would help his fundamentals.

Maybe someone with a lack of a good wake up so you can learn blocking, an easily zoned character to help teach patience? WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

I’d say Chun Li.

helps zoning, pokes, combo’s and her wake up options are limited. Not the best FADC’er imo. I also don’t know the character to well, but shes a good choice.


I think chars like chun li and bison are good choices for advanced “beginners” to learn fundamentals. They have both extremely good pokes and normals and not really specialmoves which count as antiair, so you automatically have to learn to defense against jumpers with just the standard moves, which ist much importand (If you look at beginner games, they often take Ryu or Ken and are only doing special moves, nothing else, no experience or knowledge of how and why to use footsies).
What speaks for Ryu and Ken are their easy and good bnbs. They are good characters to start learning links like:, c.lp, x special etc.
On which you can practice techniques like plinking.
And to learn and understand the fundamental of hitconfirming and tickthrowing, but that ofc. can also be done with bison or chun li, I personally just found the ryu links much easier to do.
What speaks against Chun Li are her lightning legs. I personally find it quite frustrating, cause the pianoing is very hard, you can last hours with training only this basic thing.

Cody definetley. He can be zoned pretty easy and he doesn’t have the best wakeup options. I’d also recommend Ryu. I think you can learn alot about fundamentals by using him.

Yes, but chances are you’ll just learn to always mash SRK when you’re pressured - incl. unintentional cancelling into Super which will net you loads of undeserved victories giving you the feeling you’re quite competitive (although you’re terrible).


You got to be patient and no real get up attack except the headbutt… which wont help if they are right on top of you. So you must block a lot with him.

You must play online alot.

I say use whatever character you want, you’ll “learn” by trial and error. If you want to win without putting much time into the game, you can’t go wrong with Balrog since he’s probably the most straight forward character in the game with great footsies and no mixups

Best character for learning fundamentals is Rose.

Yeah lol. Almost exclusively.

don’t know to much about balrog, but im pretty sure hes an easy mode character.

Characters I would recommend for understanding SF fundamentals: Ryu, Balrog, Chun-Li, M. Bison.

He will also need to play with people better than him as well as knowing someone who can explain why he lost or where his mistakes are. Not knowing why you lose is a great way to never get better. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am biased as hell since I’m a Ryu player, but I would definitely recommend Ryu to him since pretty much your whole game plan revolves around fundamentals… and lots of patience. Ryu also has the easiest safe jump in the game (sweep, jump up-forwards and j. HK) which he can then later option select if he hasn’t learned to do them yet.

They’ve admitted that Ryu was the base character to design everything around in IV (and always has been for a number of other SF games). The idea is to keep Ryu exactly how you describe: A character that has good tools for the basics and fundamentals, but not completely blow up one specific aspect (outside of projectiles). Even in games where he is not all that great in comparison to everyone else (3S), the design philosophy holds.

He’s the always reliable vanilla flavor in the series.

Akuma is the best character if you want to learn about nerfs.

Balrog. No good wakeup options, no strong mixup game, reliant on normals/footsies and patience, limited comeback potential, needs good defense and a brain to get wins specially at high level. Balrog overall is a character that needs strong fundamentals to get wins.

Ryu too is an excellent choice to learn fundamentals and the zoning game. If you play ryu for an amount of time you will get better as a player and you will learn things that can help you later on even if u change character.

Don´t let a beginner play chun. You will find yourself mashing backdash with every character.

Bison. You only have like 1 tough combo to learn, and learn a LOT about mixups and ground game and how to use normals as AA.

Also, Blanka (if you enjoy losing), and Cody as well.

Bison doesn´t teach anything that balrog doesn´t other than never blocking.

C.jab gets you out of 99% of the hairy situations you’ll wind up in. Without c.jab, still has one of the most solid defensive games in IV for being an offensive character. No wake up options?!? High damage, ridiculously useful set of normals nulls vague “comeback potential” elements. Limited mix up actually puts most characters in bad situation if not counter hit/reversaled at set up. His difficult match ups tend to be matches that are difficult for every character without a projectile…and he has nice options for getting around that situation as well.

I agree that he is a horrible character for fundamentals, but because he has too many crutches in his game to lean on. It takes reaching higher level play before the average player winds up having to get tricky with his tools…and doing some actual work in the footsies area.