The best, most tense game on T8 EVO 2015


This years EVO USFIV T8 and Grand Finals were a huge hit. Many close matches, Gamerbee’s Elena healing, crowd favourite r/Kappa AiAi. The whole crowd was wowed by the Abel of infiltration. What according to you is the best, most tense game among all?


Gamerbee vs Infiltration basically picks everything you’ve seen and thought about SFIV series and throw it off the window, mid game adaptation, unexpected counterpicks, high level footsies, incredible patience and mindgames, the mental resistance needed not only to play something like that but even to watch and understand it is just incredible


Yup, I wanna show that set to my destiny clan to try to get them into fighters, but thinking against it… Not sure the basic gamer can appreciate that set.


Gamerbee vs. Infiltration ruined SF for me.
After I realized that this shit would go on for 40 minutes, I decided to play a twin stick shooter and listen to the stream in the background.

Grand finals was epic though.
I’d put it on my list of most tense matches ever, if not for the pause incident that put a dent into this great series.


Easily Momochi vs Infiltration. The whole match was pretty intense and then Infiltration sits at the character select, thinking…and then, HOLY SHIT, he picks Abel and ALMOST takes it. Definitely was the most hype, at least to me