The best new podcast you havent heard of: Untitled nerd podcast


Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I’m cohost of the untitled nerd podcast. We do a call in show on tuesdays and thursdays @ and broadcast games as much as we can. We pretty well play anything. Over on our FB page we do guy and girl cosplay contests that are open to anyone and we have the winners on the show weekly. If you want to check out one of our latest shows you can do so here.
Untitled Nerd Podcast Episode XIII: Farewell Rodd…:

Saturday Morning Smackdown: Altered Beast:

Saturday Morning Smackdown: Streets of Rage:


Your not supposed to use the forums as an advertising space. Will check out the odd cast tho, been looking for some new stuff to listen to at work


I’ve posted a few vids on srk before. Didn’t know what the rules were about it. We mostly do gameplay videos and such. I appreciate you letting me know and appreciate you checking us out