| The Best Of Gamefaqs vs. SRK | ONLINE TOURNEY | 10/2/2009 |


A team of some of the **best **players from gamefaqs.com is issuing an online challenge to SRK! There are 8 members from gamefaqs (GTs will be posted pending SRK’s interest in this event) who are awaiting a team of individuals from SRK to accept the challenge!

What’s we’ve done is assembled a team of 8 of the most talented Street Fighter 4 players that regularly post on gamefaqs.com, and that team wants take on what’s been deemed as THE fighting game forum. We propose that SRK take the time to nominate 8 of it’s players (hopefully some of it’s best ones:smile:), and that team of 8 will face our team of 8 on 9/30/09 (unless there are objections/suggestions).

I have been coordinating the events thus far from the gamefaqs side, and so any questions, issues, concernes, quips or proposals can either be sent to me via xbox live, or posted in this thread.

This is a unique challange, and so the tournament/comp between gfaqs and SRK will feel similar to the standard tournament rules with a few exceptions.

-No one from the same team will fight each other.
-This is a double elimination comp/tourney.
-The comp/tourney will continue until one team has totally been eliminated.

There is MUCH more info to be shared, and more detail to be delved into. But for now, this thread serves to see what type of interest can be generated. So, SRK. What do you say???


This should be in the 360 forum. But also, lol


Might as well have everyone from one team fight everyone from the other team.

Doing a DE bracket, but then saying no one from a team fights their teammates is just…not possible.


I don’t think you understand what he’s trying to say…Basicly its 8 against 8so which ever team wins 5 out of 8 matches is the winner.


Well as far as the structure of the tourney was concerned, I was thinking about this type of layout:

-Fighters from opposing teams would get paired off via random generator.
-Once paired, sets are best 2/3 matches, and matches are best 2/3 rounds.
-Anyone who loses two sets at ANY point is eliminated.
-Comp continued until an entire team is done.

I do see what you’re saying though…it’d be a little weird to get it done my way at this point but I think it’s possible.



this made my day. get the 8 most average run of the mill srk players that actually go to tourneys and set them up against the best gamefaqs players, strictly for humor of course. prejudice is bad but seriously LOL. no contest where are the betting pools.

is there any way to watch the matches cuz thats really the only way to get significant intrest.


I’ve had a few people request that the matches be recorded and uploaded to youtube, and I know that we’re willing to record a few of the matches ourselves. Whether you guys are willing to is a different story. EmptyShiki, would you consider yourself an average run of the mill srk player?


not paying for xbox live and sold my xbox copy when pc came out. but i suck at fighting games and don’t REALLY suck at fighting games, also i realized that onilne made me suck, so i stopped. so yeah about average.

get some people who have join dates before mine and have been to a major would be a good suggestion.


i like gamefaqs on this one, them dudes dont play over there.


LOL, Gfaqs vs SRK, I nearly pissed my pants…anyways, I can’t wait to see the vids and the QQing ^-^


SB4 is coming up soon and a lot of the top SRK SF4 players will be there, why can’t the top gamefaqs players attend that?
For that matter, why weren’t they at Evo?


Do the gamefaq players even go outside of their house to play games?


Thats what I’m wondering.

Oddly enough, I don’t play at my house or even have a 360/PS3…

Shardz: having it at SB4 would be epic >_<


Well for me personally, I wasn’t about to travel across the country for a tournament…I’m not that addicted to SF4. I can imagine the same to be true for the rest of the members of team that are further east from me (Dallas, TX) like in NY, UK etc.

Yeah, we compete in tourneys as well…i’m wondering if any of you naysayers would be interested in a few bouts with me. Oh and where will SB4 be held Shardz?


SB4 is in OH, it’s going to be a big one! ^-^


gawsh srk vs gfags.?
lol gfags gonna get beasted on!


nothing but 09 scrubs talking ****


I registered to GameFAQs back in 1999. I still post there every now and then. To be honest, the forum is full of Nintendo fanboys now.

I’m sure there are good SF players there, but some of the best in the world post here on SRK. Sadly, I don’t think most of them would be bothered by an XBL tourney.


I’m pretty interested in seeing this, should be hilarious. I also would like the matches to be recorded.

Edit: Although I think what happens after this should be even funnier.


yeah, i dont really think top players are necessary. srk’s insurmountable advantage really comes from the matchmaking section anyway. gamefaqs doesn’t have that, meaning they are either online players, or if they are connected to people who play fighting games, they are an isolated pocket. and if they were part of the fighting game community. they would be an srker or not really post anywhere and just go to events announced on srk.

errata i said fighting games but not neccisarily including 3d fighting games gg or smash in what i am saying as they have sepate boards that are good and have matchmaking