The Best Over All Player

You know I was thinking there are alot of players who are good at alot of games but we see people at the top spots very often. Usually Justin Wong from East Coast and Ricky from West Coast. But over all who would be the best overall player in the States? I think it would be pretty cool if there was just a quick 1 game round robin tourny between 3-4 of the best players in the states battling it out in all the 2d games. Cause this one no one can really just say, “Oh, Justin will win all those for free” or somethin like that. What do you guys think?

Also Who do you think should be considered for the 3-4 people in the best of the best tournament.

Justin Wong - Justin obviously the best at Marvel, very very strong CvS2 and third strike player. Even has a decent showing in ST. The only player known to actually make a living beating people at games top candadite for number 1 spot.

Ricky Ortiz - Ricky is a very very strong CvS2 and third strike player. Can be argued as the best in the states in either game and also a strong Marvel Player. Comes out on top in any tournament he enters. Dont think I seen him play ST but i’m sure its something he’d easily pick up.

Alex Valle- A Strong Third Strike player and unstoppable at the “OG” games. Out of the current top players he holds the title in ST and the only person to never have lost a tournament in Alpha 2. Ever the innovator Valle has created many of the combos that people take for granted today. Definately a candadite for a top over all player.

Sanford Kelly - Sanford’s preformance at ECC this year was fantastic showing that he can branch out to other games and dominate. Even winning marvel making Justin take second. Also Making top 8 in every game he enters he is definately a candadite for this kind of tournament.

Peter Rosas (Combofiend) - The only player of the top who has a nick name . But a very strong CvS2 player perhaps just below Ricky in terms of tournament preformance he also excells at third strike and marvel. Definately a top player in any game he enters.

There are alot of other players who deserve to be considered if this were to happen but i can’t sit here and type a bio for all of them. Please post suggestions as to who you think would be a candadite or just simply the best overall player in the states.

Chaotic Blue

shouldnt this be in evo championships?

What other games does Sanford play?

ortiz wong


John Choi should be a candidate

Tekken and CvS2, I think.

i would def nominate jeron for sure cause he plays like everything (even obscure fighters) and are good at all of them

Ricky “Hello Kitty” Ortiz

Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly

Alex “Calipower” Valle


Nobody’s mentioned themselves yet. I’ll be first then. Me.

Daigo went through my head, though i don’t know if you are focusing only on American players.

Justin is the best overall player.

Hes the BEST in mvc2
Top 5 in the US in cvs2
Gets top 5 and won a major(fr10) in tekken
Very solid in st even places in that
Top 5 in the US in 3s

Hell he plays puzzle games and is mad good in them and king of fighters he gets top 2 every tourney he enters.
Ricky/Combofiend can play alot of games to but not more than Justin

Also I dont know if Choi even cares anymore for being the best overall player cant say the same for Alex tho they are both Awesome and my SF heros

Remember I respect all these ppl and are cool wit them but this is my opinion on the matter:cool:

Mike Watson I wanna see you in Hyper fighting at evo world:lovin:

new school


old school


Okay I think you need to clarify what you mean by every game because I’d put myself down against these players when it comes to like almost anything SNK…

Also the Triad (Cajunstrike beat Justin Wong at FRX 8-0 in Grand Finals for KOFXI) in KOFXI/The Answer, and Ultimate Faust and JeRon all together w/The Triad to join me in NGBC and Josh Ballard in Breakers Revenge, Kizuna Encounter, World Heroes 2 and plenty others to join me AGAINST these players.

Also I’d put Nocturnal, Master Giby, and Magician against these players in Garou BY FAR…

But you havent clarified what games you are talking about thus for what I know SNK counts.

So I figure you must be talking about every EVO Big three etc. games…Not EVERY GAME as you suggest.

I disagree. Ricky is argueably the best CvS2 player in the states and imho Ricky > Justin in third Strike. Justin is great at all those games, but Ricky atleast has CvS2 on lock.

p.s. I’m talkin about the games at Evo.

Byoc loophole found :V

Combofiend, the Tim Duncan of 2d fighting games.

You forgot Justin “Marvelous” Wong… :wink:


that guy needs something else to do. :lol:

I agree with DevilJin…it’s me. I mean c’mon, who else has beat Street Fighter 2010?

TornadoFlame Keep playing with The Triad and yes you will be…