The Best Pad to play SSF 4 AE

So if I don’t like stick, what s the best solution for my play ? I used to be on PS3 but now I am on PC what is the best price/quality pad ?

One more question: Are ps3 pad work on PC ?

ps3 controller is rly good
u can make it work with drivers an stuff
i prefer playing with stick or keyboard tho


playing on keyboard ? I just tried a fews minutes ago its impossible to combo !
Do you know where can I get those drivers and stuff my friend ? Thanks you for answering so fast !

Hands down the best is the PS2 pad. It’s the same as the PS3 pad, but it doesn’t have analog buttons for R2/L2, which makes them more responsive. Additionally, you can use Laugh’s Etokki adapters (100% lagless) and use the PS2 pad on both Xbox 360 and PS3. Both adapters also work on the PC version of the game.

If you only plan to play on PC, use the Xbox adapter. It’s easier to setup (requires no setup at all, just plug it in).

PS2 > Xbox360 Adapter (works on PC, just plug it in):

PS2 > PS3 Adapter (works on PC but requires a driver):

I play on PC with the PS2 pad and the Xbox adapter and they work excellently.

I have a psone pad with logic3 PC adapter, works good but stick is worth persevering!

MadCatz fightpad - no contest. If you can get it for PC that is.

In my opinion, ps3 pad is the best for fighting games, the worst pad ever made is the X360 one.

really I would like to play on Ps3 pad but i don’t know which drivers to use… please help me where and what I have to download ?

shepherd do everything

try googling “ps3 pad PC” + your OS

You’ll get very clear instructions.

Also, playstation pads are garbage compared to Saturn pads.

With a “PC Magic Box USB”- or “3-in-1 PC Joy Box”-converter (both lagfree) you can use real Sega Saturn pads on PC and PS3. With the Saturn pad you have access to 7 buttons with only your right hand.

Or you buy the new Hori Fighting Commander 3 PRO (“3R” in continental Europe):

With that you have access to 8 buttons with only your right hand. Also works on PC and PS3.

How is that controller good? Aren’t you using 6 buttons with just one finger? How are you supposed to preform priority-linking with that?

Now this one might be good for fighting games, I know its titled fps controller but 2 extra buttons under your controller might really give you an advantage, especially when p-linking.

Now it would be really sweet if you could map back/select button there. You could always use that button for p-linking.

BTW generally people think that ps3 has a better d-pad and 360 has a better thumbstick, so that could help you with your decision about witch controller to buy.

6 facebuttons plus 2 R-triggers which you can map anything to. You can use them to plink.

Thanks you guys for your answers now I have one question left which of this 2 pads are the best ???

One with turbo the other without. What does it change during the gameplay thanks you all !!


**First, this is not a flame post. This is not an attack on you also. Before anything, I must state that the PS2 controller is indeed very nice to use. It is comfortable, and it feels a little better than the PS3 controller.


The PS2 controller has the shittiest input reading in the world. It might be accurate if you plug the PS2 controller into the PS3, but if you plan to plug it into a USB PC, then you should just quit SF4.

On an average I use the PS2 controller, and I would get so pissed off about my plinking / linking combos because the PS2 can only read a short amount of inputs at a time (on PC, that is).

Sakura’s and Ryu’s basic combos have never been so terrifyingly painful every time you are about to land a neat combo, but “that last hit” just drops like as if it wasn’t even registered!!

Trust me, the PS3 controller reads inputs wayyy better and it also lets you buffer your moves more ahead of time. The PS3 controller is more lenient, I should say.

So anyways, sorry if I came off as a dick at first, but I would to save this man from wasting his time, money, and efforts investing into a shitty PS2 controller. (Now I love PS2 controllers, but it’s just not the right thing for SSF4 PC)

Do you want to know how to use PS3 controllers with your PC, without the need of buying special adapters and equipment?
I know how to do it, and I have the proper software as well. All you need is your PS3 controller and the PS3 USB charger.

Let me know! Thanks.

Hey my deer frien

hey my deer friend !

Thank you very much in helping me ! Can you tell me how to use ps3 controllers with my PC? without the need of buying special adapters and equipment,

and can someone tell me which is the difference between turbo pad and normal pad ?

No drivers required your pc should download them automatically, but you do need this program and I find it very good.

This is flat out not true and totally inaccurate. If you use a crappy adapter/converter, yes it will lag. If you use Laugh’s Etokki adapters, there is no lag. They are the adapters that Vangief and Wolfkrone use. You could not possibly be more wrong, sorry.

Please stop spreading misinformation.

Again, there is no lag from these adapters on a PS2 controller. You are wrong.

and can someone tell me which is the difference between turbo pad and normal pad ?