I want to use wolve/sent/phoenix but it seems like sent may be to advanced, Im a decent fighting game player and i would like to use this team.

I was just wondering if a scrub could use a team like this if he like practiced for a week or so?

Also, what do you guys think is the best/cheapest (lol) team for a scrub nub, i want a team that people think is as good as the one listed above or close to it.

Come on, man.

Come on

SRK did an entire guide for the game but you’re still gonna make this thread? You want someone else to do everything? Even pick your team?

Weren’t you banned by Mr.Wizard…

does it say which team is the best and most nub friendly? no i don’t think it does, so stfu.

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Sent from Hueco Mundo using Garganta Talk.

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holy fuck your both retarded, i ask a simple question, 1 not answered in the guide, and im a troll?

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  1. Play Wolverine/Anybody at all/Phoenix
  2. Receive win
  3. ???
  4. Profit

“This is Delicious”

C Viper/ Arthur/ Viewtiful Joe

in that order, assist doesn’t matter

Trolling and flaming hard eh?

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