The best Sagat on xbox live



Figured i’d try and get an argument errr discussion as to who the best on xbox live was. My vote is for sunset01, that sagat is a beast from the east.


Sunset01 for sure


sunset and scrubydan




The best i recall playing against (on Vanilla) was “Emperor The”. or “The Emperor”.
Havnt played super online much.
Much respect to ssf4 Sagat players btw.Tons of bitches who used him in vanilla dropped him as soon as super was released.


ME!!! Im the new King of the Leaderboards… Hardbody Chongo! I have played Sagat since Vanilla arcade release… Score one more for America, Jersey, and really handsome, tall, muscular white dudes! lol no honestly, I may not be the best sagat on xbl, i just play ranked more then every1 else. I like Sunset01 and some of Piyoppia’s youtube match video.


out of all the videos I’ve seen, bonchan’s sagat is the best by far.


My vote goes for Sanford Kelly on any console his gat is beast


Crk bts is on beast mode all day


CRK is very good. I’ve played him and gotten beasted by him several time. But I don’t think he is the best. Sanford has my vote




Bonchan, then sunset01. Bonchan is just extremely solid all around.


agreed with ^
bonchan keeps surprising me man.
LOL when he beat daigo i was like :open_mouth: this guys godlike. i didnt really watch him alot in vanilla but damn!


Out of ppl who I see videos from regularly (like new videos in the replay list) CRK BTS seems to be the best. I’ve never seen sanford play on xbl so I won’t enter him in the decision.

Bonchan does seem to be the best overall, but I don’t see his videos much on the replay list…


yeah i have no respect for them at all.

  • I took out Sunset01 sagat vs sagat awhile back online.


Bonchan, Sunset, Sanford.

LOL i joined instead. needs some buffs tho.


Imo I would put Sanford over sunset because he doesn’t take the huge risks sunset does. Sanford has a pretty tight sagat. But that’s my opinion


Those are my top 3, they aren’t in any specific order, just a list. I threw Sanford in there because he uses almost every tool Sagat has, like the fake roundhouse which is godlike. (with my shitty 2 years old hori buttons i can’t do it, they are too slow)


Ahhh gotcha. Doesn’t matter the order all of their sagat rape mine. I just give props to people who actually put the work into using sagat at a high level.


im the best Sagat on XBL

At getting beasted!