The best Sagat player in SF4 series

Question Who has the BEST Sagat overall… Sanford…BonChan…Or RF? no biased opinions just a breakdown of all 3 and who has the BEST Sagat…

I believe the King still rules his throne.


yo the top 5 best ever gats santhrax, sanford, kellz, the king, and John “sandstorm” choi

Sanford… He is the only high level player that styles with him.


Since the question was about SF4 series, I assume all games including Vanilla are meant here.So therefor Mago has to def. be in there cause he was ‘’ the Sagat’’ back in the days.
Today i would say its Sanford who has the best.


Everyone on that list is killer though.

Lol @ people seriously thinking Sanford has the best Sagat…it’s like they don’t even follow the game.

Bonchan, Mago, RF in that order…and where is Hanamaruki?

In vanilla? No doubt here : Mago , Bonchan , Alioune and RF

Overall? : Bonchan + RF. And sanford has been stepping it up so id place mah nigga up there aswell.

(who the fuck gives a shit about joe?)

Sometimes Joe’s randomness is what saves him during a match. lol.

Always been a huge fan of Ojisanboy and his rushdown in Vanilla but it’s probably between RF and Bonchan since they are the only true Sagat players. Most of the others dropped him so I can’t call them Sagat players really.

Are you kidding? Joe made it to SBO. His Sagat is definitely worthy of mention even though he has been busy with IRL. The times he made it out his performance was good.

Ah really? Good shit to him. But still in terms of skill it’s still really not a comparison. Someone who is busy with real life shit is not going to to be able to compare to people who are still making time for the game especially someone that doesn’t truly like the game or train for it compared to people that do.

But either way hats off to Joe for going to SBO with his Sagat.

Bonchan frayyyyyyyyyyy.

RF is ok too.

LOL @ Sanford though.

I wish I could fit more slots, maybe a moderator can slap on Hisyou and Hanamaruki, cuz they def put on some good matches recently.

How is Sanford worth laughing at? He is consistent in his placing high in tournaments with his sagat and puts on a good show. Is he the smartest sagat? Maybe not, but probably the most entertaining to watch on the list.

Remember this well . Bonchan - Alioune sensei ( Old school Alioune /vanilla sagat) - RF (New school RF) - Mago ( Old school vanilla Mago) - Hisou - Hanamaruki - … / American sagats

I dont rate american sagats and there playstyles , EXCEPT for Sanford kells , who i think is not quite up there , but he is very close . I like his part rushdown / part zoning style , it works well.

Also shout outs to john choi for having absolutely no pressure or up-close game with sagat, but having probably the best fireball game in the world with sagat and being beast because of it

Hands down bonchan followed by rf then mago then sensei imo


  1. Mago
  2. Ojisanboy
  3. RF
  4. Bonchan
  5. Rikuson
  6. Alioune
  7. Hanamaruki
  8. Hishou


  1. Bonchan
  2. RF
  3. Mago
  4. Leslie
  5. Hanamaruki
  6. Alioune
  1. Bonchan
  2. Leslie
  3. Mago
  4. RF

The rest is whoever else, I just know Leslie is the best sniper with stopping power.

I am a fan of Sanford’s sagat as well, he’s awesome and does wicked combos.
But who can mess with the Japanese and Leslie?
Those guys r like, robots with nerves of steel.

They make crazy calculated reads on their opponent.
My friend uses a pretty solid chun li, but holy shit.
Mago option select chun li’s back dash with kara uppercut FADC U1.
I almost shit my pants.

I pick Bboysanstorm.

If he’s not the best Sagat, he’s easily most alpha.

On another note yeah why isn’t Leslie on there.