The Best Sticks you have seen thread


We have a “worst sticks you ever seen thread” where people posted up some ugly, oddly made and poorly designed retail sticks. Which is fine, we got to show people what a bad stick looks like.

But the opposite is true too. We already have a “Check Out My New Arcade Stick!” and a
"What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? guide" thread. I am hoping this will tie in with the other 2 threads, and maybe give me some insight on edits and updates for the “What stick/controller to buy guide”

Also I think it is always good to give modders and stick builders a good morale boost.

I propose [S]we make a Artificial Anus[/S], I mean a Best sticks you have seen thread.

Artifical Anus


Unlike the Worst sticks you ever seen thread. Customs are encouraged here.

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The worst sticks you've ever seen

Honorable mentions

Sticks that were awesome during their day.

Vectrex Controller

Atari Joystick

Wico Joysticks

The NES Advantage

NES Quick Shot

Later version of the Quick Shot. This one is a Multi-system Stick.


Holy shi… shkebab.

I used to have that joystick, 5th one down (

That brings back memories. It had those dumb calibration switches on the side!


I think that was because that particular Wico stick was an early Analog stick. Made analog due to hardware constraints on the port they where forced to use on the Apple II. Now having to constantly calibrate analog sticks would not be tolerated, back in the day, such adjustments were necessary. Modern analog auto calibrates every time you turn the console on or plug in a controller. Its why when you plug in a PS2 controller with the analog thumb stick pushed to a direction and the PS2 is turned on, the Analog would be off center until you replug that controller.

Topic change.

Here was a great master stick builder back when most arcade sticks was crappy gimmicky plastics (and they are still good to this day)

MAS systems Arcade Stick, they been making Arcade sticks with arcade parts since the SNES/ Genesis era.
I am only saddened that I can’t find a good example of one of their old SNES sticks.

PS2/ Xbox Arcade Stick

Neo-Geo Stick

Dreamcast/ PS2/ Game Cube Arcade Stick

Mas started one of the earliest Multi-console sticks, and one of the first on the market to start using authentic arcade parts. MAS has paved the way for the stick builders of today.


Capcom Power Stick Fighter:

Arcade-grade parts during a time when cheap-o membrane switches were the norm, and unique design. Probably the only 16-bit stick worth owning.

Hori “Namco” stick:

Simply perfect.
Current sticks wish they were as cleverly packaged / durably made, but they’ll never come close.


Nice choices

I was not personally sure about the old SNES Capcom stick since as you said sticks back then use the cheap rubber dome and membrane circuits.
But if they used leaf or micro switches, even if the parts aren’t 100% authentic is a diffident gain over the completion.

And oh my god, the Namco Arcade stick. That Stick is a example how more sticks should be made. One day I need to acquire a Namco stick.


Might not look like much now, but at the time…

[not my pic]

Closest thing I could find to the arcade that wasn’t outrageously out of my price range. Found it in the back of an EGM if I remember right. I think I paid $80 or $85, which had to be sent in via mail order, and took a couple months to come. In stock form, it’s an SNES stick. I’m not sure when MAS went into business, but the stuff I couldn’t spring for looked very similar.


Capcom Power sticks came with either an actual Sanwa JLW or a Seimitsu LS-40-based stick AFAIK.
The buttons were Japanese-style microswitches with cylinder-less plungers.



Nice thread. Needs a larger picture of the Namco.

Namco, HSS-0130 and VSHG for me please.

It’s impossible to top the Namco for me. Six button, PS2, sexy PS-14G wanna-be buttons, and slick color scheme that is void of character art. VSHG gets a close second. The HSS-0130 is awesome but impractically expensive for most peoples.


Holy shit, I had a Quick Shot! Where the hell did I put that thing?



The best looking stick has to be the Hori VLX, not even a $500 custom compares to that beauty.


How about a $1000+ custom? It will be at evo.


that case was the insparation for a lot of my wiring style… still a beauty of a case…


Dude has skills. It’s a shame he’s out of the game for the moment.

I’m still talking to him about a Stick/less design if he gets back up and running.

And I’m biased, but…


what a bad way to start the a thread called “the best sticks you have seen” . everything above abondonists posts is ugly. those sticks are wack yo


If you are not going to contribute anything of value, why post at all?


Without a Doubt this…

He is what pushed me over the edge into getting one of these beauties. Don’t regret it at all.


Nice Stick, but whats that small metal box?