The Best There Is At What I Do - Wolverine Video Thread

Post Videos here to get it critiqued or just to show off some cool matches of famous players.

Wow no wolvie vids yet :frowning:

I did a short video of a Wolverine BnB with some mixup options thrown in. I’ll have it up on youtube by the morning. I’ll post it here when it’s up.

Edit: Here it is: [media=youtube]yPxlrsJIVlo[/media]

thanks bro. im not a noob with logan but any tips are awesome

Can anyone post a link to some vids of Justin Wong using Wolvie.
I heard he was running logan on point but I cant find any videos of him using anyone but Storm, Trish and Chun. - teamsp00ky - GVN Winter Brawl 5

It’s team mvc3 tourney at winter brawl 5. Justin Wong starts playing like at 8 minutes, he reverse OCV’s the other team. He plays later on too I think, but I’m too lazy to look.

thanks dood:
yeah it was like 8min and then again at 1 hr 45min.

After watching his style it makes me realize I need to use :df::m: more.
and I guess I should pick akuma just for his assist, that shit was paying off big for EG JW.

Also it looked like he was using the instant overhead with j.:l: xx :df:Drill Claw :d::h: Sweet mix-up since that j.:l: will connect on every Char, as an instant overhead, even when they’re crouching.

I never thought he could do something as insane as this


Is anyone going to actually post videos?

I found this channel with some interesting stuff:

[media=youtube]BuL91_WAs2E[/media] - 3 matches with commentary.

[media=youtube]aB01QLeoN4U[/media] - Hyper grav + berserker slash cross-up video.

On this guys channel, check it out:

YouTube - MrMiddleKick’s Channel

qwazy: very nice, thanks for posting this. Temptation’s gone up to invest time in Magneto!

Are there any other characters which offer similar assists after Wolverine’s cross-up?

posting this here too:

the original(blockable version):
and the crossup version:

nice find,
but it doesn’t seem like that’s particularly practical. phoenix has forever to see which side you’re on during the super flash and if you go with the normal one, you end up in front of her with -10, and the xup one goes midscreen, so its kind of a waste of 3 bars

On the original: Not quite, she will be blocking in the AIR, she need to land first, and that alone takes 9f and her fastest move as D.phoenix is 3f (wich is cr.l) but at that point she can be grabbed…
On the Xup version : on that video only show the xup version hitting on the WRONG side in the FIRST hittable frame… and that is actually a ambiguous Xup to hit in the right side just delay the WX by 2f(will still hit her in the FIRST hittable frame but on the RIGHT side and if she guess correctly the right side Xup it goes to the situation described for the first video.




I didn’t see this posted anywhere here, but here’s videos of Infiltration’s Wolvie. First two vids are of a Grand Finals Match against Poongko.

I’m not going to lie, Infiltration’s Wolvie…seems better than JWong’s, if only slightly. Think JWong’s better overall at the game though.

nevermind good wolverine

He’s good, but not better than Justin IMO. I’m thinking you might just feel that way because when the dude’s Wolvie was out there wasn’t much assist usage going on so you get to see more tech like the Berserker Charge combos, but unfortunately that isn’t what marvel is about. Justin’s better understanding of marvel is exactly what makes his Wolverine 10x more safe and 10x more lethal off any given hit.

Infiltration’s use of mid-combo s.L resets into dash under cross-ups was interesting I guess, but I think air throw resets Justin goes for look a bit more successful.

Which is why I said I think Infiltration has a better Wolvie but JWong’s better at the game. Being better at the game will of course make his Wolvie deadlier. However I believe if and when Infiltrations knowledge of the game improves, his Wolvie will show as being a bit better.


I really enjoy watching richard nguyen’s team of wolvie - dante - akuma. His dante is godlike but his wolvie aint no slouch:

Btw it’s kinda sad to see such low activity on the wolvie forums… did everyone quit him?

Final Round XIV Marvel vs Capcom 3 Top 16

YouTube - teamspooky’s Channel

Tokido’s Wolverine in this playlist, he’s listed as murderface.