The Best There Is At What I Do?

Perform 50 One Character Victories within 20 unique teams. (Ranked Match)

I’m confused about this achievement? What exactly do you have to do to get it?

Win 50 games only with one character? ( Do Assists count?)

Win 50 games when you only have one character left?

Can anyone shine some light on this?

It’s winning 50 matches without switching to your other characters at any point in the match. Assists are okay.

You must also win at least 20 of them with different teams. So you could do it with MSP 30 times then do it with M/S/Cyke, M/Sent/Psy, Mag/Gief/Psy, etc etc

I just got mine last night, it took me 53 OCV’s to get it.

eczangief pretty much summed it up. To get an OCV you have to win with only using your starting character for the entire round. Do it 50 times with 20 different teams and viola youve got yourself a 50point achievement!

And nobody on your team can die.

And you’re lazy because this information is already present on the net. Work on your search fu. :smile:

Yeah good call ^^^

guess I’m just too nice, cuz I jump right on these threads :]

Part of it is the “20 different teams” wording that’s throwing some people off too. If you looking at the gamercard site, they are able to track the performance of your last 20 teams, which is probably the same for achievements. Meaning that you have to perform the achievement within the last 20 teams you used, not necessarily using 20 teams.

So, you can theorhetically do the achievement with just one team and do 50 OCVs with them. If you do 49 OCV’s and then play 20 other teams, you will not get the achievement on your next OCV because your 50 OCV’s are outside of the last 20 teams that they are able to track.

Thanks and sorry but when I searched I got like different answers.