The best way in getting better

yea this sound stupid. but im just stuck in my basic ways. of course theres training mode, but training mode can only do so much to help execute combos like hitting a punching bag. but during a match, you gotta defend, counter, and execute. maybe i should learn the essence of the focus attack? or study youtube videos all night? i dont know. is there a learning currve or guideline to actually get better or should i just continue playing my ass off online and see where it takes me.

fight other people

Preferably you want a sparing partner, or a group of players you can practice with on a regular basis. Fighting random players online is fine and all, better then fighting no one, but that’s too much noise. Especially if you’re just starting out. Too many styles, too many players of varying skill levels, not enough chances to experiment against a particular type of opponent. What you want to do with your sparring partner, or sparring group, is to learn how to learn to beat a person. Once you learn how to beat a person consistently, you can use that as a foundation to learning how to beat new people. Once you learn to beat enough people, you’ll begin to recognize styles and such and begin to group people, etc, etc, etc

haha i think there are other topics about this but i’ll give a few tips anyways.

you’re right that playing with a goal in mind will help you progress faster than just playing and hoping you get better.

defending requires that you learn proper crouch tech timing, being able to properly anti air, and learning when you should not be pressing any buttons and just block, aka which moves they have frame advantage on (otherwise frame traps will eat you alive). the hardest part of learning how to defend is to learn other player’s mixups because there are so many goddamn characters and some have a crapload of mixups, so this naturally is just gonna be a long process that you’ll learn over time. so don’t worry too much about learning all of the other player’s mixups at once.

studying youtube videos is great but it’s hard to have a focus because there’s just so much going on. if you watch videos, try to isolate one different thing from the video that you can specifically practice on your matches. it’s easy to get overwhelmed and not work on anything new from the video at all.

anyways, it sounds like you’ve been in training mode a lot. the problem with that kind of training is that you tend to get tunnel vision on doing combos. the reality is, you usually only land combos if 1. you punish a big whiff, or 2. you have some sort of mix up that you can trick them with. punishing big whiffs is relatively easy to learn, so after you learn them, you should focus on your mix ups. like, what options do you have after you fadc shoryuken them, and it’s blocked? that’s a good mix up situation. or with cammy, dive kick mix ups, or how to do scissor kick trap with bison. OR, like you mentioned, focus attack. A blocked Focus attack level 2 is a good mixup starter with most characters. You can kind of think of it like a slower abel’s f-mk dash. A good first tip to learn with focus attack is to learn to let go right when you see the first white flash (it charges to level 2 faster than you think) other mix ups with certain characters include setting up ambiguous cross ups, where you might land in front or behind. you’ll be able to land combos that way.

watching videos and learning their mix ups is hard because in one fight you might see a mix up used only once. but watch a few more videos of that character and you’ll see patterns of that particular mix up (and others). keep in mind what mix up patterns you see as you watch videos either mentally or written down somewhere.

anyways, even so, combo practice is important to stay crispy. be sure to dedicate some time to it every day but it shouldn’t be the focus of your practice anymore (unless you’re learning a new character or something)

hope that wasn’t too long. good luck

Finding one person around you level you can play with a lot is a good way to start.

Online is a little too much pressure because you only fight each opponent 1 single time, it’s almost like tournament pressure but with nothing on the line. Also online blows and it’ll fuck up your excecution.

if you wanna go to tourny and such find offline person to spar with helps 10 fold … other than that just add ppl to your list have an endless and go at it , but give feedback good or bad it helps your game when they can tell you what your doin wrong or timing etc.

find an offline person if you can. someone who’s about your skill level. if you can’t do that f-list some people online. reason why this is better is because both of you are counter each others counter, etc, etc. something which can’t be done in only one match. this makes it so you don’t rely on a gimmicky set-up. it makes it so you learn your character more and theirs as well.

I think i have a similar problem, and i know how i can get around it, but actually can’t:

I’m not very good, and it always feels like everyone is better, esp playing online. The problem i have is that online does create a pressure level that isn’t best for a learning curve, especially when you’re losing alot.

Anyway, i need regulars to play against at my level, but i don’t have any. Are there any listings on this site or a phone book on this board where i can just find someone at my level to play endless battle?

Of course, it doesn’t help that it’s my 1st week after starting to learn stick. My PP dropped alot, and people are starting to occasionally kick me out…sigh.

I even consider playing comp, which i know is not good but i’m getting desperate here…

I’d say your best bet is probably to head over to the matchmaking thread to see if you can find some dudes to play on a regular basis in Endless.


I actually found a random group of guys thanks to Ranked and whatnot, and now I play them on a pretty regular basis. Sure, some of them are better than me, but it’s about the experience if anything. I’ll tell ya one thing.

I’d take getting my ass beat by some dude that’s better than me over beating flowchart Kens in Ranked any day, heh.

Well, nothing is worse than beating up on someone way below your level, it goes both ways, the reason i never actually get offended when they slap me off their lobby once in a while. But, yeah, i just get devoured too often online, it don’t feel too good…

Thanks for the link, I posted there little while back. I hope it works…

“Learning how to learn” to beat someone is brilliant. That’s one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time.

  1. Learn your character’s moveset (best normals and uses for specials). Learn a small amount of effective combos (probably one hit confirmable combo, one frame trap, one “punish”, and one blockstring). Depending on your character, you may have it easier. I main Bison and basically use one combo with a variation of the button pressed (light, medium, or heavy) as almost all of the above.

  2. Learn your opponent’s character’s options. Same as above, but for the other character. As it’s not YOUR character, you really just have to learn the other character’s “best options” (but you’ll need to learn everything as you get better!).

  3. Play other people. I’d recommend from the outset, play as many people as you can. It’ll be rough and maybe discouraging, but you’ll see a variety of styles and skill levels (offline preferably!). This will also teach you how to defend.

  4. Learn people’s patterns and how to beat not only them, but their style. Generally people who have similar styles have similar patterns. So when I train against a turtle Guile, I can apply my experience against most turtle guiles.