The Best Way To Being The BEST!?

I was wondering what the people of SRK’s opinions were on the subject of how to get good at SSF4.

Of course theres practicing, which is a huge deal, but how much should you train? how much should you fight? should you find a main early? should you semi main everyone? should you start out easy, or use an harder character right away? does it matter? etc…

this isn’t me asking for help, i have my own opinion on the matter.

So whats YOUR opinion on how to become… THE BEST.

I always think of it like fish in an ocean, as opposed to fish in a pond.

A fish in a pond will grow small, lazy & weak. A fish in the ocean will grow cunning, fast & agile.

said in the non-gay way it basically means: I believe a core mechanic to improvement is difficult competition. (As well as practice/training) Either way you need alot of devotion to the game.

you have to be ready to bask in the glory and adoration to be declared the worlds greatest fighter!

hard competition is a huge factor, but i think theres more to it. Also the competition can’t be to hard, if the dude doesnt let you move, you should move down a weight class.

Patience Predictions Precision

Play till your hands hurt, then play some more.

Edit: Or just listen to this when you play.

I doubt this is for everyone, but for me and a few others, after you take a break (say a week) you come back and its like you broke a barrier and you become better.

  1. Don’t ever be fine with losing. (I get salty if I lose a round)
  2. Play good people offline who also are not cool with losing.
  3. Develop the rivalries and smack talk with them offline people so that you start doing anything and everything possible to beat them.
  4. Engage clutch factor.

If you can do all of these and you have good execution/reactions/mind games you can get good at Street fighter.

This. I take every loss particularly hard. Sometimes to a fault.

I handle loosing differently than most people. I don’t usually get salty after a loss unless it’s something stupid on my part. To me, winning or losing doesn’t matter unless its a tournament. I just want to learn something new or improve at something. Like if I win a game because it’s online, there’s horrible lag and I mashed DPs every time my opponent attacked, then i didn’t learn anything or get better so that game was a waste of time. Or if I beat some one who clearly doesn’t know what they are doing and I win with no effort. Of course I’m trying to win each game but I look more at whether or not I learned something or got better at doing something. I’d rather loose a ton of games to a good player and leave feeling like i got better than just getting a win.

I watch Best of the Best everyday to get hyped. Every day. Eric Roberts is goddamn inspiration at it’s finest:tup:

I hate to lose, but mainly to scrubs.

just play godlike

train harder

honestly, I would think that you have to play the best to be the best. You need to track down anybody who placed top 32 or even 64 in a major and see if any of those players will be willing to play with you and you need to find offline sessions.

Vangief and AndyOCR are a few people who rose up quickly because they attended sessions with great players. Everybody else who got good in isolation or offline like Wolfkrone and and Gamerbee are just gifted.

That and you have to play this song everyday.

Be random as fuck and have no respect for anyone.

lol best advice out there, are you poongko?

High five everyone you meet! :woot:

I try to master a easy char, then move on as I go along until I try to master the harder chars.

Become Ash Ketchum.