The Best Way to Get Better At Street Fighter?

I’m just curious as to how I can become a great Street Fighter player without the help of a friend to play against over and over again. I understand that Training mode is a good tool but i honestly don’t find that helpful when playing against good players online. I use Training mode for getting down combos, links, etc. but when playing a ranked/endless match it’s very hard to know when and how to execute what I just practiced. Can anyone tell me what I need to do or what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

Having people geographically close to you for online endless sessions is a good way to get better, IMO. Online play is a perfectly fine way to get better.

That’s not a great idea.
You can’t play the same way for every opponent, if you fight the same guy all the time then branch out you’re going to get slammed.

Watch tourney videos (And try to think of exactly why each player does what they do in each situation) play lots of matches.

I have this same problem. When I faced bad players and win I dont get any good feeling about it because I wasn’t push to my limit or using skill even though im not a good street fighter player just average. But when I do run into good online players they beat me out of 2 games and leave. It sucks also for me because I dont have any friends off PSN that play street fighter so my only option is to play online to get better.

There really isn’t a good answer to this. It’s just about practicing. If things seem extremely difficult or complicated, it’s because it is new. A lot of it even just comes down to time training your hands to have the dexterity needed to play fighting games. It takes time. Best thing you can do to speed it up is to do good research online, so you don’t waste your time heading in the wrong direction.

1: Execution, be able to do any combo or at least the ones your going to use often
At least 90% of all SF players get stuck here, that’s why you see so many combo videos.

2: Don’t waste time versing CPU, if your afraid to get a lot of losses then you don’t deserve to win

3: Try to make use of every tool possible, that includes focus attack, each tool gives you more options
Pretty much the only person I know of who uses focus often.

4: If all your opponents are more terrible than you, simply play as if your versing yourself and know what you might screw up on so you end up making your offense and defense better.

5: Remember it’s just a game, it’s impossible to be perfect but very possible to suck ass. I could easily say I got better over time.

6: It takes red blood to get to the highest levels of anything. See the first link if you want to know what I mean.

Changed the sig but you simply have to be daring at times, be willing to try riskier or new things to get better to the point what might be risky for a beginner is a cake walk to a vet.

First, get your execution down. Also read the character-specific threads.

  1. Know you most damaging combo for punishes, for standard BnB, for corner pressure/resets and FADC’able ones. Don’t learn too many or ones that aren’t dependable (too many funny 1-frame links) unless it does lead you to good advantages (position + damage, like Rufus’ BnB). If your character can combo into ultra, know those setups as well.

  2. Know your situational normals. What’s a good poke? What’s a good anti-air (useful because of angles, when you are too slow to reaction SRK)? What can be safely thrown out there? What is a good blockstring?

Now, take a breather. Play some online matches and focus on one thing. Anti airing jump-ins? Executing your most damaging combo? Baiting out reversals so you can punish? Work on your resets? Don’t worry about winning. It’s vital you focus on one aspect of your game at a time. Eventually you can integrate everything into your mind, so you’re not actively thinking “what normal should I use” and “why am I doing x move in y situation?”

After playing some more online matches… head over to Online outlets. For the console of choice. Add some friends on SRK and play them. Try to learn matchups for more common characters you’ll see, and always ask for critique on what you could have done better.

At some point, when you’ve gotten into the groove of being fine with online matches, but still think something is lacking, you should head over to regional matchmaking. Offline scenes are plenty, but not everyone has immediate access to places <2hrs away. Don’t let distance deter you though… coming out to a major is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the scene and possibly meet known players for some casuals. Local ranbats run by hard working members of SRK are not as high voltage and are probably better as a learning environment when money on the line is less of an issue.

TLDR: The top level of play is offline, but if you’re content to be an online warrior, there are still plenty of things you can accomplish by playing knowledgeable people online. But don’t forget your fundamentals. And always approach your losses with an attitude to learn; winning isn’t the goal until you polish away the rust in your game.

Wow, you all helped me out A LOT! Thanks, very much.

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very good advice i took it to heart, im an adon player and after hours of practice and rank battles, i can finally say im better, because expirence is the greatest teacher =)

GGPO ,Supercade,Xbox live, You can learn alot from playing a vast amount of different styles also.

playing offline/online/tournaments.