The best way to get out of a dizzy?



I know this could be in the general forums, but since I like my Akuma forums trolls, I will ask here.

What is the fastest way to get out of a dizzy? I have seen some people not even try to get out of a dizzy, then I see some people get out of it before I jump in to start a combo, which is CRAZY fast!

Do some characters get out of it faster than others?

And again, how do you get out of it? Just mash all buttons and wiggle the stick like mad? Or is there a good technique to doing so?

Just curious, and thanks in advanced.


Wiggle joystick between two opposite diagonals.


I like to mash like a motherfucker.


Depends on which side of the TV you’re sitting on…a good hook to the jaw with the appropriate hand does the trick nicely; and when in doubt, Lariat.


on a ps3 pad I put my right hand over both sicks and “wiggle like a motherfucker” i know the right stick is useless but having hand on both sticks makes it easier


I never played too much 3s, but I had it on Mame on my PC and the visible stun bar was a nice feature. So being more or less “blind” to an enemy’s current stun rating was there somewhere (did you read on eventhubs) you/we players know when:

  1. How soon before current amount of stun begins to decrease. What window of time you’re given to rush into your next combo.
  2. The rate of decrease. I’ve never got a firm grasp on predicting a stun and am just glad when I get it. I believe I’ve gotten two HP > BnB > fadc RedBall combos in a row and didn’t stun the opponent.
  3. Like in training mode each successive stun-rating rises 20%?
  4. Stun carries over to next round?
  5. Same exact dmg scaling rules applies to stun? Ie 100%, 100%, 80%, 70%, etc
  6. Edit: Not at home. Oh and focus absorbing nulls first stun? (ie st.HK)




You know you’re doing it right when your dizzy animation looks like it’s on fast forward.


Just to clarify, I wasn’t just stating a preference; this in in fact the de facto fastest way to escape a stun in this and all capcom fighters.

The stun counter counts each time you activate or release one of the joystick contact switches. When you move from one diagonal to the other, you are both releasing one horizontal, activating the other, and doing the same for the verticals. Thus each movement counts as 4 inputs. There is no other movement of the stick that is so efficient for affecting the stun escape counter.


Good tip didn’t know this thanks! Does this mean mashing buttons does nothing?


Mashing buttons in conjunction I’d imagine is the quickest way to escape stun, as every possible input counts towards a stun escape. So wiggle between :db:, :d:, & :df: while sliding your palm across all attack buttons simultaneously would be your best bet.


See, I new there was a technique to this. I know Capcom games, and just mashing shit sounded off. Gracias!


Well, I am going based off of ST and assuming SF4 uses the same mechanic. Basically, button inputs do very little in comparison to directionals, the best thing is to focus on the directionals, don’t allow yourself to get distracted by trying to mash buttons quickly. Rather leave that as secondary to the speed with which you move the stick.

Further, the stick input should be up-left, neutral, down-right, neutral etc. You need to go to opposite corners to get the full effect. I list them in terms of “left” and “right” instead of “forward” and "back, because of regardless of which side you are on it is generally faster to use up-left and down-right (just think about the ergonomics of what your hand is doing).

There’s a basic explanation of this in the super turbo wiki somewhere (can’t find it right now).


Are the wiggling inputs registered the moment you stand or is it also beneficial while knocked down?

I ask because in training, the FF animation as ^ pointed out to me happens on stand.


Thanks for the tip, that’s probably a great idea from up/left to down/right, since you’ll more than likely get other inputs along with those by accident, since the throw on Japanese joysticks is very small.


Ask anyone I play, I get accused of using turbo all the time for this, I’m quite good at it. Just pretend you’re mashing out of a tempest in MvC2. Wiggle stick in 2 full circles ending in block while making one rub back and forth across the buttons. If they don’t hurry up and hit you you’ll be ok.


^don’t start mashing until you stand up. I’ve mashed out of alot of dizzies this way and saved my ass.


i say if you get stunned , take it like a man. just sit back and enjoy. WOOT


listen to this man, missed a lot of free damage on him.