The Best way to train


Hey, sup, I’m a new guy and I REALLY suck at fighting games…always have, and always will unless someone here can help…

I’m willing to work hard to get better, but I don’t know the best way to do it…anyone got any tips on training in this game?

Also, in fear of being called something that I don’t know what it is, can someone tell me about all the terminology used around here? like if I see someone saying “I use an AK Cammy” what’s that supposed to mean!!! and also, most of all…CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT A SCRUBBIE IS!?!

Raises Flame Shield Thanks a lot!

  • play people who are better than you and play them often
  • see waht they do to kill you
  • understand what they do, as it is often more complex than it first appears
  • try to do their setups if they use the same character as you
  • practice execution


those are all right. i’d have to say d/l match vids. it’s easier to practice something that you have seen. this helps with timing and knowing when to do things. this helped me anyway. practice,get beat by better players and try to steal their tactics whether it’s by asking or watching…then d/l match vids of even better players steal their tactics and go kick some ass. sometimes it doesn’t always work out but it’s fun trying lol


ak cammy would be like a groove cammy or k groove cammy. k groove is the bestest lol.

dont be overly aggressive dont just try to do watever you want reconized situations and try to get out of them.


Um, if you’re starting off focus primarily on execution first. Get a stick and practice doing different motions like the DP motion, fireball motion, 360 motion, etc.


First off, you gotta shake the “I suck at this game always will” deal. You may not know how to play yet, but CvS2 is a technically easy game (as opposed to Tekken 4 or something) Thinking that you suck at a game is only going to hurt your confidence, and believe me, confidence goes a long way in fighting games.

Secondly, I share opinions with Gwai Lo 1/2. If you don’t know how to play, chances are that there’s someone in the area at an arcade or something that knows what the game is about. Play them. Keep playing. Even if you get streaked 100/0 just make a commitment to win one round, or take down 1 ratio etc.

Pay attention. Why did you take damage? Why did you lose? Did you miss a lot of your moves? Furthermore, did you score any damage? How did you do this? Can you do it again?

I wouldn’t recommend Dling match vids just yet… because if you see a groove sakura, you may just pay attention to her 58 hit combo super. Instead you should concentrate on what sakura did to build her meter and get into a position of control.

Last tip I can offer, is keep an eye out for the control and pace of a match. I’m guessing if you get scrub ass kicked you don’t control the match, it’s controlling you. What you need to do is learn to make the match take your pace.

p.s. For charge move characters holding d/b as a charge is the same as holding down or back. So for characters like Blanka and Kim, you can really hold down/back at all times and unleash the charge move when you see an opening for a move.

p.p.s I used to get streaked 40/0 by a good friend of mine. I didn’t care I kept playing, using the tips above with good ol Ryu. Eventually, I managed to win here and there and now I’m almost at the same level as him, we have great matches (and a bit of bad blood now and then :lol: ) and we are constantly learning from each other. I’m more of a RCing reaction player, whereas he’s a crossover junkie who initiates combat. It’s good stuff. What I’m saying is, just play, the talent will come.


thanks for the tips, so far everybody, but I have two problems…

1: I’m playing CvS2 EO for the Xbox, not the arcade version, so its a little harder to pull off DPs and all the qc’s and stuff…

2: I don’t play with people too often, its more or less “you’d better be better when I come back over!” lol. U. Rugal and Shin Akuma are real mofo’s too…when I play fighting games I like completion, but these two are horrible, any tips? (Don’t say use EOism lol, I’ve tried, and they only step up to the challenge more…)

Thanks a Lot, I guess my only real option is to use the practice comp… but reply anyways please!!


dont play shin or ult because most tournys ban them and there stupid


yo whats a buffer?

im not sure i understand.


Madden: The point of the game here would be to hurt the other guy more than he hurts you.

You’d be thinking “duh” about now, but you cant overlook fundamentals.

So… practice hitting without getting hit. easy??? well, once it is then you are “good”


Execution and Knowledge.

Execution. If you’re fucking up your moves, you can’t rely on them. If you KNOW what to do, but can’t do it… well, what good is that to you?

Knowledge. Learn how to stop or hit your opponent, avoid bad situations, and set up good situations. If he jumps, know how to hit him out of the air. If he leaves himself open, know how to punish him. If you know he will attack in a certain way, know how to hit it or avoid it.

You psychological game is next. Being able to read your opponent and keep one step ahead. If you can tell he’s going to block, throw him. If you can tell he’s going to dragon punch or super when he’s getting up, avoid it or block it and punish him. If you can tell he’s going to throw a fireball, jump it and combo him. If you can tell he’s going to do a laggy move, roll through it and punish him. It can get a hell of a lot more complicated than that, but you can only learn more by playing, researching, and thinking about it.


This man speaks the truth. In one of the first match videos I ever downloaded, when I still had no idea how to play the game myself, Iori did short, jab, short xx level 2 into level 1 and I was like WHOA!!! :eek: :eek:

I didn’t even realize it was really scrubs that were playing and the rest of the match was crap. I was seriously just amazed that people actually used crazy combos like that in real matches. I kept that video on my computer for the longest time… :lol:


I think everyone’s forgetting that he has the game at home.
If you can practice whenever you want, then don’t worry about technique or strategy, just find your character and play. Don’t be surprised by losing, losing=learning.
Lose a lot.

Confidence is something that never gets mentioned on these forums but, in teaching somebody something new, it must be mentioned.
Find your own strategys and style, and be confident in them and don’t let somebody tell you different. Keep playing, keep losing.

so many people get all fucked up in the head cause they get to semis with un-heard of strategys, someone talks shit to them, and then they only do what everyone else does and then die…I’m a good example of that, fuck norcal, lol, jk.

just fight yo.