The best/worst characters ever in Street Fighter

Hey all, I was going to make a top 10 list of the worst and best characters in the Street Fighter games, and I thought it’d be cool to include some of your suggestions in the articles.

The articles will appear on the front page of in the near future.

The only rules I have for this 10 list is that the character(s) must be from a Capcom developed Street Fighter game, i.e. the Street Fighter EX and movie games would not count.

And that it has to be a mostly legit port, like the SNes versions, or the original game. Stuff like the Rainbow (hack) versions of SF2 would be out.

Edit: Also, the character(s) must be playable.

Besides that, have fun and add your suggestions to this thread. I’ll credit everyone in the articles as well.

So basically the game list is
SF one
SF2 + variants(ww, ce, st etc…)
SF3, 2I, 3S
SF alpha 1,2 and 3

Dan has always been pretty bad and ryu/ken are often near the top. maybe you could put 'sim up there as well.

Rainbow Mika

comedy gold equates to suck.

I think this thread is gonna make people break down in tiers… :sad:

Some of my votes for worst characters

Dan in Street Fighter Alpha 2. This guy has more freaking taunts than special moves. And his taunts are worthless, sans for trying pissing off your opponent, or looking like a complete idiot. This guy sucks.

E. Honda in Street Fighter 2. How do you win with a character that can barely get around fireballs and has crap special moves? You don’t. This guy was awful back then.

Votes for best characters.

Gill, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. Whoever’s idea it was to let this guy be selectable in online play should be shot. If he looks at you for more than two seconds, you’re stunned. And if you some how manage to take him down? Resurrects. Asshole.

Old Sagat, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. This guy is nuts. His fireballs come out faster than bullets, and the damage on his uppercut is ridiculous. The one-eyed God.

M. Bison – Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition. His psycho crusher randomly crosses, he’s capable of locking down his opponent with a combination of standing kicks and scissor kicks, and his damage is stupidly good. Also doesn’t take a lot of skill to play him well. Disgusting.

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Gill for me, as well.

If you’re going to commit such blatant SNK Boss Syndrome, at least give the guy some pants. Gill prancing around with a full diaper makes me remember why I hate Third Strike.

Sure he’s tough but he’s no where near SNK boss hard…

For a seasoned player he’s not that big of a deal.

EDIT: LOL! Someone just negged me, and left the comment as: ‘new’.

Cammy: Just lame overall.
Sakura:Annoying and lazily slapped together.
Ingrid:Athena ripoff.
Akuma:See Sakura.

Pretty much any clone of a more popular character is just a pathetic attempt to keep players interested. But ALL of the new SFIV characters are downright AWFUL.

And Gill had SNK written all over him. Not a bad thing but poorly executed in retrospect.

ST Akuma > Gill

ST Akuma; you’re either facing risk-free air fireball spam, or getting chipped to death by kara-cancel red fireball in the corner. insta-dizzy recovery, really fast teleport and nice hurricane kick juggle potential were just icing on the cake.

as for tournament viable, but still head and shoulders above everybody else, A3 akuma comes to mind; his VC was way too versatile. if you include cvs2, a-bison has to be on there.

Zangief in Marvel vs Capcom is pretty assed out.


WW Guile
CE Bison
CE Guile
ST Akuma
ST Balrog
ST O. Sagat
ST Vega
A1 Akuma
A3 Sim (I don’t know if he is considered as good as he once was though)
NG Ibuki
2I Ibuki/Akuma
3S Gill
3S Yun
Chun-Li (various incarnations. She is good way too much. She needs to be low tier in SF4)


SSF2 (non turbo) Cammy
3S Sean
3S Twelve

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I completely agree with you.
In terms of best character design…I think Dudley, Elena, Claw, and Chun-Li deserve a shout.

Ingrid pretty much had no business ever being incorporated into the SF universe.

charlie in alpha 1

The albinos complained and wanted a character, thus Ingrid was born! :lol:

While I don’t absolutely hate any character, these 3 would have to be my 3 least favorites.

Ingrid – Doesn’t belong in SF
R. Mika – Too goofy.
Sakura – Annoying.

T. Hawk has never been good.