The 'Bet You Didn't Know That Was Possible' Thread

Street Fighter III: Third Strike has been thoroughly tried and dissected over the years by the players, and almost everything there is to know about the game has been talked about and done. But even now, new things in the game are being discovered and invented by Japanese players.
There may still be some things that players who have not been following the game very closely do not know about or thought was impossible.

Post any such things here to share and discuss here. Any technique/setup/gimmick that may surprise everyone, and if possible include a video demostrating it. To start things off:

Kara Powerbomb (Alex - Kazuya)
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High Jump Cancel Machine Gun Blow (Dudley - Rikimaru)

Kara 360 (Hugo - YSB)

Whiff Clap Gigas Breaker (Hugo - YSB)
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Vanao Yagyou (Oro - Vanao)

Never seen a Kara Power bomb before. Good shit.

What? Roshi actually posting good shit? Wtf.

Akuma’s normals are only absolute bullshit when I’m NOT playing him!

Seriously though, good stuff. I didn’t know about the cancel MGB.

Necro (Uni)

Double Electric snake on Makoto @ 3:15

Trade Electric Snake into another Electric Snake @ 5:12

Backwards Jump, Air Parry into Dive Kick (Gouki)

Kazuya gave permission to share his technique here. He said he does Kara Powerbomb by ‘kara cancelling a normal’ with another normal, in what might be described as “shading”. Cancelling crouching light punch with towards + heavy punch is what gives the Powerbomb a range like Gigas Breaker has. Credit: Kazuya

When did you start posting useful information? Good shit man, gonna’ try it.

Edit: I’m a little confused. So you’re saying he does LP at the same time as toward+HP, then a what kind of Powerbomb? LP, MP, or HP?

i like that hjc ducking. had no idea it was possible. how do people find these things!?

I started recording some short videos showing some not-very-known details of 3rd Strike…
These are mostly curiosities, some of which you may already know:

In SSFIV, Ibuki can juggle airborne targets with an EX Raida on the corner.
While that is not possible in 3s, there are some character-specific stuff like this one!

KKZ has full-body invul, but a well-placed hit can beat it clean

In the single-player mode, you usually face CPU characters using the original colors. You can force CPU Q to wear white by using “LP” Q against him - but it is not the only way to see the CPU use a different pallete

Silly Dudley combo, not very useful yet fun

Stun Gun Headbutt can grab airborne foes…
Stun Gun Headbutt can really grab airborne foes…

Bonus Stage fun: Twelve has a cool animation when you attempt to xcopy the SUV

Ultra-throwing the Headstomp

Ibuki can either reset or knockdown an opponent depending on the timing after her close HK juggle. Don’t really know why this happens, but I think Oro can do it too

One of the reasons 3S Ibuki is top tier in my heart

Sorry for the terrible video-editing… I wanted to show that you can dive kick “backwards” after jumping forward with a parry. Akuma bleeds a lot with just that last hit from Houyoukusen, ouch!

Basically crouching LP/standing LP, powerbomb motion + forward HP before the LP animation finishes. Then LP quickly after the animation finishes, as quickly as a karathrow. Alex will move from the crouching LP and forward HP, but LP powerbomb will come out. But it can be done with any version of powerbomb.

…wow, I didn’t know Stungun could grab opponents THAT high.

does this mean roshihikari is uhh… roshihikari?

Yeah I remember having it done to me and being a bit confused/annoyed. I would jump on reaction and get caught. Then I learned I just need to stick out a knee/fist and it’s all good.

My head just exploded. That is so difficult to do. Is it possible to kara with just tHP or tMP?

so are we gonna air out 3S secretS???

Only secret that should have been forbidden to tell is XCOPY vs SUV.

recording some dudley footage.

based dudley

damn :frowning:

Was happy to personally show RX this one!

repeated kara-throws can stop the screen from scrolling properly… there are some other moves that do this as well

sean shoryu shoryu… this combo can be extended up to 6 of them (without stunning) but my execution is poor

Also, this: [media=youtube]pgiOmsgpOp4[/media]
Can’t explain this one, randomly happened for a single match

Nothing personal, that was just a joke. :smile:

Great job with the vids! Some of those I’ve never even seen. Are they console-specific? I’m sure the Arex Magic one is.

Oh yeah, and I’m sure everyone has heard “Urien doing Alex’s yell when he falls from neutral grab” at least once before…

Anyone else think that the position the guy with the white stick was in looks hella uncomfortable?