The Beta seems to be open right now

So I just finished the update for the Beta and I just randomly thought why not give it a try and I was able to get in. Has anyone else been able to get in??

Wait, what? Pics or didn’t happen!

Also - there’s already a thread for beta discussion, there was no need to open a new one

I got the update but I didnt think beta will open again. Let me try.

Im IN!!!

If you guys are shitting me and I don’t get in, I’ll flag you all!

I’m in right now too, in training, not finding any matches. Should lock/merge this thread though, take it to the other beta thread.

No why. Let people see this and know right away.

Friend on FB contacted me and said he also heard the beta is open again. Although its reverted back to before the dlc so no Birdie or Cammy

Says it’s up for an “internal stress” test. Can confirm, after 4 “press any button” attempts I got in.

I am trying so, SO hard to not be excited by this. I just can’t keep doing this abusive relationship with capcom anymore.

It’s an old version though.
You can combo from crouching lights to standing lights and shit.
Kind of a bummer, but at least I get to play some SFV.

When I first got in around 2PM EST Birdie and Cammy were both playable, I even got 1 match. But then I wanted to change character and indeed it was back to the original 4

Also I did think about putting this in the Beta discussion thread but I dont kno how long this will be open so I wanted people to see this straight away

I got 2 matches so far. It does seem like its the old version.

Thats weird

27 minutes of fun.
Now only emptiness.

Yes its over now. Profound Sadnessssss!

It’s not over - in fact I just got in and Birdie/Cammy are in.

Ohh gonna keep trying then!


I just beat a Ryu player with Bison. Bison end quote was something like, " You are worthless suppressing the Satsui no Hado. Die!". It sounds to me that Bison has moved on from wanting Ryu.

Getting split reports on the Cammy/Birdie being available. At the moment, I don’t have the two characters.

Also, I managed to play one online match against someone who was supposedly from the UK (had the UK flag next to his name) and I’m from Canada. The roll back netcode was noticeable but that match was actually really smooth. Combos and reactionary anti-airs were possible so this is looking pretty good for the game.