The Better Ultimate Female Fighting Game Thread


All-female fighting games have appeared throughout the years in Japan and had very little regonition from western gamers. The most popular all-female fighter to western audiences is Rumble Roses, which is not really a traditional fighter, a wrestling game. What if we had a 3d all-female fighter so bad ass that it would not just create a massive fanbase from places like North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, and elsewhere, but also roughly compete with other 3d fighting franchises such as Virtua Fighter, Tekken, and DOA? It would make Arcana Heart look even shittier.

An all female cast of a total of 20 characters. Twelve are available from the jump. Two alternate costumes with palette change. The Fighting system is a combination of Soul Calibur and Street Fighter. It has a high number of normal moves like Sould Calibur, but it is also reliant on special moves like Street Fighter. Guarding attacks is done by holding back like a lot of 2-D fighters. I haven’t played Soul Calibur in a while but I don’t think it is as juggle heavy as Tekken and so the juggle system in this game should be similar to it. There is no ring outs in the game, but you can throw opponents out of windows and such and crash down on them like in DOA or MK. To assure some balance combos can only go up to about 15 hits maximum. To lessen cheap throwing there will be a single command to escape throws like in SF.

There will be about six game modes:

Team Battle

Arena mode will be just like Soul Calibur’s Arena mode. Pitting the player against enemies while trying to complete certain objectives like collecting loot that falls from your enemy. Fighting enemies without being able to block, fighting more powerful than usual enemies, fighting a ridiculously gigantic boss, etc. etc.

Online mode should as lag free as possible and than should be team battle online along with one on one fights. There should also be tournament-based rooms like SSFIV is going to have, so when you get your ass kicked at least you’ll be able to see that ass-hole get raped the next round by somebody using the 9 year old.

Speaking of 9 year old girls… Here’s a more detailed selection on what the cast will look like. I’m only doing 13 for right now. I split the characters up into ethnic groups (definitely no racism intended).

The Asian Chicks

  1. Tsama A Chinese fighter that specializes in Hung Ga. She wears a pink kimono. 22 years old Special moves consist of a rushing jab, a dive kick, and an upward kick strike move similar to Gen’s.

  2. Gai-Shen A Japanese fighter that’s a tribute to Genkai from Yu Yu Hakosho. 64 years old. 4’ 9" tall

  3. Jira A Japansese school girl because you know everyone loves those

4.Yuka Basically an Asian Jessica Rabbit with dark hair and her d-cup breats jiggle constantly in battle. Her fighting style is Jujitsu. 17 years old.

The Sistas

  1. Ashley A light skin sista that has bushy Kelis-like hairstyle. Looks like the laid back type type.
    Fighting style consists of Bone martial arts.

  2. Ne Ne A ghetto ugly bitch that should either look like this or this is a street fighter player 26 years old

  3. Shanice Another ghetto girl, but is actually attractive. She wears braids, a black top, a pair of air force one with gold trimmings, blue low cut jeans, and a pair of gold hooped earrings with her name on it. She’s a street fighter too, but she also brings out a pistol for two projectile special moves. One goes straight and the other is an anti-air. 22 years old

  4. Briana A Capoeira fighter that looks like Rihanna 19 years old.

The White Girls

  1. Bertha An ex-Olympian wrestler that’s not pleasant on the eyes. She’s a slow grappler character that pressures enemies to stay as far away as possible. One of her throws consists of her slamming her opponent onto the ground and sitting on them. She’s eating a bucket of lard in her entrance scene. 34 years old.

  2. Brittany a 9 year old assassin that was trained by her older brother Mark. When her brother discovers it he enters her for a chance at the prize money. She uses katanas and teddy bears that she throws that acts like grenades. She’s a speedy character with many combos, but lower than usual health. Her victory quotes mostly refer to her favorite cartoons.

  3. Anya a 27 year old woman who was raised by gorillas in South Africa. She’s basically a female Tarzan. Should look something like this, but not as ugly. Fighting style is savage. She scratches and bites her enemies. She is swift, but lacks a good anti air.

  4. Cassidy An obvious butch dyke with short cutted blond hair. Wears a jean jacket with a pair of matching jeans brown boots and a white T-shirt with torn sleeves. She’s a trucker and enters the tournament in hopes of impressing Yuka (another female fighter that I’ll put up later) by beating her in battle and taking home the gold trophy. Her fighting style is similar to Leo’s in T6. 30 years old

The Latina/Hispanic Chicks.

  1. Querida 23 A spicy mexican that uses flame kicks and throws for her specials. 22 years old

  2. Christina A Spanish sword fighter that enjoys bathing in hot tomato sauce and eating fried bull testicles. She’s a defensive style player with a shoryuken-like anti air and is parry/ counter heavy. 31 years old.


Honestly… this sounds really racist.


Please be a parody thread




Oh please, your version pales in comparison to mine, not to mention that it would have way more modes and other stuff.


Western Girls love Soul Calibur, this could work.

Or people could just play Asuka 120%


Asuka 120% is best game.


^ Wow someone besides me actually knows about that game…


Did I mention that when Querida gets hit jalapenos pop out of her?


This will obviously be the best game EVAR. Sign me up for a preorder.


Not fat chicks?! The Hell? You’re discriminating here?!


I guess I should’ve put that she’s 6’ 3" and weighs 320lbs


Yeah, NOW she sounds fat!

Btw how big are her breasts?:wonder:


Let’s all remember that other guy’s game had 30 HIT COMBOS. This game just sounds silly


ehh, sorry i only play games that have pancakes in them


No pancakes = no buy


Will any of the chicks have camel toes?

Also, will legendary Japanese producer Watashi Fujikata be involved in this game?


WTF? Why are you leaving out the men? First Evo and now this.


Because the manliest fighting games usually are the ones without any males :o


Yup, like Arcana Heart 3. We are some silly bitches to think that Hokuto No Ken was manliness. our mistake.

This game sucks no. No 30 hit combos, no pancake, no imaginary japanese producer. Yo, this is garbage.

In my game, there will be 30 hit pancakes.


Oh BTW I didn’t even read the original poster’s thread long enough to realize that he basically made sure there’s bitches from the most common American ethnicities. :lol: Bitch named Shanice.