The Big Bads of Street Fighter have been progressively getting worse

I mean it.

First we had Sagat. He was a big guy who wore a eye patch. He was just the champion of the tournament. Compared to Gill or Seth, he was kinda plain, which is good.

Then we had Vega/M. Bison. He was not just the tournament champion. He was apparently the leader of some evil organization that was for some reason both controlling the tournament and looking into world conquest. For all his flaws, I’ll put him above successors. Although I thought he looked lame in the Alpha series.

Next came Gill. Hoo boy. The Big Bad of SF3 was a fellow who could be described as rainbow Fabio in a thong who thinks he’s Illuminati Jesus.

And now we have Seth. Not only is his design awful (Doctor Manhattan with a yin-yang stomach) but his moveset isn’t even decent. I have pure contempt for copy cat bosses.

At this rate, I don’t even want to imagine whatever final boss Capcom will use for the inevitable SF5.

stop making shitty posts

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you mean better right?

Wrong forum, no?

There is no right forum for this post. :frowning:

I play as a fat guy, a stretchy Indian guy who wears baby skulls on a necklace, and a gal who just walked off the set of the Lion King. You think I give a shit about character design?

For Capcom, as long as design is stereotypical enough to be immediately recognizable, its ok.

With all the scrubby whining like this, they’ll just put a blank screen instead of a final boss with the text - “use your fucking imagination then you ungrateful cunts.”

Or, since Capcom like making money, they’ll set a competition to design a final boss with an entry fee, only to have little Timmy from the make a wish foundation bypass that and have his dying wish granted as his Seth with spiky gold hair (SUPERU HYPERU SAIYAJIN SETH 5000) ‘idea’ is put in.

Boss of SF5 will surely look like this:

So basically this with blue skin?

Can’t wait for a marvel vs capcom beam super to be in Street fighter

Instead of a tornado, Seth should shoot one in his Ultra 2. He already has the energy ball super, just make it a beam for the ultra.

A gal who just walked off the set of the Lion King??? who is that??
i hope is not blanka, because blanka is male, and his real name is Jimmy.

How about "threads in srk have progressively been getting worse’?

Is this an attempt at observational humor? Your next post should be, “Why do they call it ‘ovaltine’? The mug’s not oval. The tin’s not oval. They should call it round-tine”.

i thought this thread was gonna be about how the Top Players in the scene are getting worse… skillwise

This shit right here, placing (Perma) Ban Bets on OP now…


Also I think LionKing Girl is Elena from third strike

dramatic turn


SF3 Sagat>>>>>SF4 Sagat. No idea what you’re talking about.

something tells me hes a snk fanboy!

SNK Bosses > Capcom Bosses (SNK Boss Syndrome)
MK characters > SF characters (Infinite Combos)
Midway wins, Fatality!!