The Big List of Wrestling Moves in Fighting Games

It’s no secret that a lot of moves in fighting games were derived from pro wrestling, so this topic is to point out wrestling moves in fighting games. Basically, just pick a game then name off any wrestling moves you’ve seen in said game. I’ll start.

Bloody Roar: Primal Fury

German Suplex
Stepover Headscissor Takedown
Midair Hurricanrana

Death Valley Driver to German Suplex
Leg Scissor Takedown to Faceplant to Inverted Powerbomb
Overhead Belly/Belly Suplex


Someone who actually plays Tekken or VF should come in here and own this thread.



Flash Chop

Swinging DDT

Multi headbutt

the Sleeper Hold

scoop slam

Multiple Greman Suplex

round house kick


scoop slam

Choke Hold

Hugo Lp

Hugo’s MP move ( Giant Slap )

Hugo’s HP move ( Big elbow drop)

Hugo’s LK move ( soccer kick)

Hugo’s MK move ( Stomp)

Hugo’s HK move ( Drop Kick)

Monster Lariat


Body Press

Double Knee Drop

German Suplex

Drop kick

Face Bite

Pile Driver

How the fuck can you forget to list ALEX’s Roundhouse? That shit is straight HOGAN.


Shining Wizard.

I remember seeing that green guy in wwe use it, sorta.

Both Wolf Hawkfield & King (Tekken) can perform Rock Bottom

is Giant Swing a performable wrestling moves? never seen that one in WWF/WWE

O rly ?:wtf: i don’t know …

yeah THE BIG FOOT …or The Boot

Giant swing was made popular in japanese wrestling. The shining wizard was used by the hurricane here, but invented by the japanese wrestler Keiji mutoh aka the great muta. Anyone know who created the giant swing? I completely forgot.

Oh yeah, some moves I can remember off the top my head are:

an array of suplexes(overhead, dragon, belly to belly, etc)
Drop kick
Rolling sawbutt
Shoulder charge
Almost every damn move wolf has is a wrestling move

Jeffrey has a sit out power bomb, and a powerslam(thats all I can remember).

IIRC, the Giant Swing was used by Japanese wrestler Hiroshi Hase. Not sure if he invented it, though.

BTW, which game did Clark do the Shining Wizard? Anyone have a clip or an ani of Clark doing it? That would make a good avatar.

Back on topic…

Soul Calibur 2

Inverted DDT

Shoulder Charge
Sitout Powerbomb
Bear Hug
Stomach Breaker

Street Fighter

German Suplex

T. Hawk
Double Handed Choke Lift

Mortal Kombat

Canadian Backbreaker
Body Slam

Headstand Hurricanrana (Trish of the WWE uses this, it’s called the ‘Stratusphere’)

Kitana, Mileena
German Suplex

Hsu Hao
Back Breaker
Hip Toss

Naruto: Clash of Ninja

Yakuza Kick



Tina from DOA3 :wgrin:

Alex’s roundhouse is actually more reminscent of the way Test used to do his big boot, especially given their similarity in appearence. But this is a Japanese wrestling game, and plenty of Japanese wrestlers use the boot so I doubt it was done after Hogan.

Queen’s Suplex is used by Shermie.
Clark has a release german suplex, running powerbomb and backdrop. His HCF+K is an exaggerated fireman’s carry into a scoop slam (Or a death valley driver in the DM version) (John Cena’s FU is the same thing and he also uses the 2 versions interchangeably).
Ralph uses an emerald froison.

Can someone tell me the techncnal name for the flying ass move used by Tina in doa and R mika in Alpha 3?

Dynamite Headbutt
Northern Light Bomb
Super Argentine Backbreaker
Ralf Kick-Is’nt this a dropkick of sorts?

Dynamite Drop
Bulldog Press

Ramon’s entire move-list.

Reading this makes me want to play Gaint Gram. DANGEROUS BACKDROP!!!

For the sake of contributing:

Shermie has a lot. Triple germans, Diamond Bust in 2002, aerial C+D is like a split leg drop kick, etc. Just consult the movelist.

Most of the hind throws in RS/ProJus are either running bulldogs or german suplexes. Some crouch throws are boston crabs or spike piledrivers.

Lol, I have no idea. Ass splash?

The Udon comics refers to it as “Flying Peach”. I think it’s known as “Thump” or some similar name in the Smackdown vs. Raw games.

Urban Reign is literally filled with wrestling moves…

Rock Bottom
Air Stunner (when opponent is in the air)
Last Ride
Billy Gunn’s One and Only
Tornado DDT
Super Kick
Crippler Crossface
Half Boston Crab
Leg Drop (it’s got the Hogan touch…instant dizzy if it connects!)
Knee Breaker
Running Power Bomb
Running Power Bomb into wall
Pump Handle Slam
Oklahoma Stampede into wall
Lita and Jeff Hardy double leg low blow thingy
Yakuza Kicks
Harley Race/Triple H knee lift (Armor King style)

The list goes on and on. Wrestling fans will be in paradise…

Also, in CFE (and therefore, Red Earth) Kenji does what looks like a Ura-Nage suplex.

Hayabusa has all sorts of wrestling moves in DOA:
Buff Blockbuster (crouch grab)
Northern Lights Suplex
Ura-Nage Suplex
And, heck, an Izuna Drop is just a glorified German Suplex, right?

Also, in DOA, Tina does lots of Manami Toyota’s moves. Manami (a Japanese female wrestler) is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, so I have to represent:

In DOA, Tina does:
Japanese Ocean Suplex (Irish whip into cross arm, tiger suplex)
Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex (cross arm, electric chair drop)

See the “Queen Bee” Manami Toyota do some of those at this fan site in the video section:

She’s the one in black. This video (clip 1) will prove that Japanese women’s wrestling owns this WWE “diva” nonsense all day. Heck, this match is better than a lot of American men’s wrestling.

BTW, fans of Tekken’s King will also recognize a move that Manami does in this video…Rolling Death Cradle, anyone?


P.S. Kuma has the choke slam…

At some point, I remember Angel(KoF) doing The People’s Elbow.