THE BIG-O: Add an O to Your Name & see what happens


Where it goes may determine your overall SCORE and NET WORTH:
[list][]End of your name and works = Points
]Middle of your name = Points but less, unless its good
[]In front of your name? = OSWBETA: ORangutang Scream Woman Beta: Points
]Replaced an O in your name with a Zer[size=5]0 = MINUS a MILLION POINTS[/size]
[*]Pertinent Image brought back now related to your NEW Name = Extra Credit Bonus Points

***** Collect enough points to win your local TILT’s Original XBOX game still in the display case, MINT *****

Here are a few examples to get us started!


Rick might go nuts @ “pedoviejoo”







sounds very in-Ring wrestling moniker. Lets see where that goes.

yup ONI

Like when weebs add that U in the Dark Hadou, without being British or just an extra o in it in their ha-dookies. Original RYU sounded that way like: HADOOOOO-KEN.



cant forget him

ever existed in real life…

Abismo Negro

and that dude like akuma with the horn tumors




Dang, that’s a curveball.

Your name would be that console with the 0

But they call it 3 D Oh. $599 console before “PStriple” Points.




Damn there goes my make fun of odin = “odi(e) no” idea. Points.

For more points look up the DQ vs the Japanese players legend and how its the “Pyrolee rule” at EVO

That’d be exactly maybe an OD + DQ!


What if I just change my name to “O”?


But wouldn’t you want to be TheOPB? Sounds dirrrty… or OP, B



Great, now I sound Mexican.



hohohohoh I forgot about the 3DO



Sounds like those anime super robot summoning sequences.



Can kind of drag it out like an old japanese businessman in those weeb animes i dont watch

Maybe toss as u at the end as wello (GET IT ;y)


You down with OPB?

Nick O’ Rocks

Makes sense.

Irish bastard spawning all those kids and making them farm potatoes when they lose MvC2 matches.

Never takes part in Sunday Bunday because Catholic women don’t shame God with those provocative photographs.




sounds like some japanese cross caucus mountain arab speak


I posted wioletta you noob

the rest is true


I wish I fought that dude in a stage with the hot plate item laying around to use for HEAT actions

Japanese guy named ASADA

Grill his face. ‘Carnage Asada’

These dudes could be midgets, negro space phenomenon had one in the wikis shown to try to find what his name means! Or cross cultural exchange, foreign exchange student Top Tier Japanese legend Hayabusa, who trained and created his gimmick theme costume in Mexico, and of course Ultimo Dragon.

Also cholo+colombian=phangelos after school club as explained by GI GORILLA


Minx Bladesato says konnichi wa!



Lokio rhymes with Tokio. That’s coolio, yo.


Brother’s dog is named Max

Or now they’re taking to call him Maxxo

Nah we ain’t do no cat ppl pooptrash MANXO!!