The Big TV Thread, aka help me spend a few grand

So, as the title states, I have some cash to burn and am in need of a new TV. I’m looking for something between 35-50 inches(from what I’m seeing will have to be plasma), price isn’t a huge issue, however I will be gaming off of it so something nice and lagfree would be nice(IIRC this is an HDTV issue).

In light of the standards war should I wait for the rubble to settle before getting a TV that probably won’t be supported by the new hot tech coming, or just go ahead with my purchase? I’m already digging around Newegg to see what deals they have, but since I’m in Okinawa I just may use that plus info from here for reference and buy locally.

If you’re wanting HD you’re best of waiting.

I really have no need for HDTV. I don’t own a 360, and chances are I’ll be hooking up a supergun to the screen at some point when I get my T5DR kit.

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I’m so jealous that you’re getting a Tekken 5 DR kit. By the way what type of Supergun do you have and also could you PM me how much the kits run for. Oh yeah take a look at, you can probably look at getting one of those presentation displays from there.

Haha, no supergun just yet, that all comes after I get the big screen. =D

No other helpful info? Anyone?

I guess you are going to keep up with what you said about your army of Tekken Lords eh SK? :rofl: :tup:

And visit GC once in awhile. =x

hold out on hdtv for now. its still not the best time to get one. wait until true 1080p hdtv comes out. yeah yeah, i know what everyone is thinking “1080p tv’s are already out dumbass and have been for a while.” that is technically true but no 1080p labeled tv can output that resolution natively IIRC. as far as i know, there isnt a true 1080p model just yet.

plus you wanna make sure you have a game mode setting for non 480p and up games. and make sure it has hdmi ports since you’ll need it for ps3, hd dvd, and blue ray. i also know that there are some plasmas out there that can accept the 15khz signal required by older arcade games!!! just takes some research, dunno if it would lag up tho

In case you actually wanted advice:

Sony/Toshiba/Whoever is always gonna have some crackpot new standard that is just around the corner. First it was HDTV, then UMD, now some other variant of HDTV…just get a big ass screen that will work with a supergun.

LCD TVs are exactly what you think they are: big LCD screens. The response times are at fast as other TVs, but they use less power and last a long time.

Plasmas are fast and look better than LCDs (supposedly), but you need to get them recharged after the gas starts to get worn out…or something like that. I dunno how gas gets worn out, but you need to get them recharged or else they dont’ look so good.

Perhaps a plasma EDTV. EDTVs shouldn’t have any upscaling lag because the res is generally around 852x480. You’ll get bars on the sides, but oh well.

I recall seeing a good deal on a 42" plasma HDTV a few days ago. Let me see if I can find it.>PRODUCTS&cm_ite=1%20PRODUCT&cm_keycode=57

There were a few $1000 42" EDTVs but unfortunately the rebates have expired.

If you are looking for a HDtv and are worried about the changes in hd format, make sure the tv you get has hdmi as dvi is going away, HDMI is everything dvi was and more. I really wouldn’t worry so much about 1080P as thats going to be pretty pricey for the next 3 years or so.

Regarding blacks and grays, make sure you do some research first. Some RPTV’s and LCD can do a great job while others completeing blow. Me, I’m cool with my Sony 46" RPTV, I love it.

Yeah, I also need to remind you guys that I AM in Okinawa right now, so any place that doesn’t ship international/to APO/FPO is worthless to me. =x I just may end up looking around locally.

Like I said, I could care less about HDTV at the moment(considering I watch no TV, and I don’t need 1080p for ANYTHING).
So all I need is HDMI ports in abundance(I’ve current models only have 1, anything on the grapevine about multiple HDMI ports?), and something that accepts 15kHz(SUPERGUN~), that doesn’t lag to hell when upscaling what I have ATM.

Thanks for all the help so far, I’ll see what I can find. But keep those links coming!

Kyoji: I’ll be back in business on Wednesday when I get net in my room >=O

Head over to and . Also regarding tv’s with multiple hdmi. You’re better off getting a hdmi switch that you can hook up 2 - 4 hdmi inputs. Regarding Super Gun I don’t have much exp with that as I don’t own one, though I am looking for a T5dr kit. But I would recommed heading over to Pretty damned sure that they would have a lot of exp with hdtv’s and connecting up to a jamma kit.

Anything else I can more than likely help you out.

Dammit I just repped you. lol <3 Good shit Hax, I completely forgot about Thanks again.

Read the sticky thread about “HDTV and Video Game Lag” posted in this forum, and read it thoroughly.

Been there, and that part is already being handled.