The biggest concerns for SFxTK wont be shipped on disk

I figure discussion on this should be brought up now, it probably should have been bought up sooner…But people had to get over there fear of gems but they could even consider talk of anything else.

This game supports four players simultaneously, thats great if 1 player is a pad player (speaking from xbox owner POV) but my concern is will madcat’s or capcom (lol) drop some sort of splitter or a way that 4 players playing on stick can enjoy the game offline?

I haven’t heard this addressed at all, and its a BIG deal

Second thing, is patching… I have from the very start been optimistic about this game, which then started to shift to a pessimistic attitude as months went on and thing were looking a bit bland.

However now after watch the latest build I see soooooooooo much potential in this game. I can only imagine how big this game would be if arcade was still popping in the states. But I feel like the downfall of this game will be baby’s whining about a team or character being to strong 4 months into the games life span and capcom listening and worrying about balance far to much.

SFxTK looks like game that shouldn’t be touch ed and left to age with commuity, no patching or tweaking. Just let it rock…

DLC and all that is cool if they want to go that route, but its clear this game will have teams that are just flat out better than other teams, and I feel like capcom would truly mess up something that has alot of potential with balance patches.

edit: the reason I didn’t drop this in the sfxtk gen thread is because I dont want it to get buried with the next reveals coming soon and the tone of the thread is different from the kind of conversation i’m trying to spark here.

Get a USB hub. Easy.

The game will have DLC and will be patched as a result. Sorry.

You know there are usbs at the back of xbox 360 also.

yeah for a grand total of 3 if im not mistaken.

Is it really as simple as a usb hub on Xbox? I don’t think it is tbh…

Can’t you use any sort of usb “splitter”? Blame Sony for reducing the number of USB ports.

Considering how little proper play we’ve seen, it’s way too early to say anything like that. It’s not as if SF4 is patched every month but people argue it’s now at its most balanced. :slight_smile:

Honestly, the balance discussion can’t even be had until the game hits the streets.

People are buying this for Xbox?

Xbox 360 Slim has 5 usb
Yeah we havent seen all the characters yet how can we talk about balance.

It has been addressed. Madcatz made a fightstick for this game that allows two controllers to be connected to one usb hub

hubs will work on both systems. rockband used hubs, and it wasn’t anything more than a standard hub with a label slapped on.

It’s also now at it’s most boring

If the load times are anything like the ones witnessed on the latest stream, I wouldn’t mind the option to completely install it to the hard drive.

I dont like SFXT guest characters if i had both systems i would buy the xbox 360 version(has better online also).

Yeah, some people don’t care about gimmick characters and actually enjoy playing online.

USB hubs work.

As for patches, all we can hope for is that Capcom doesn’t listen to the scrubs like they did with IV.

Now that we’re on USB hubs, any suggestions? I’ve been thinking about getting one of those guys with ports for arms and legs.

I’ll probably have to check again on this, but IIRC, as long as the PCB on the hub isn’t doing any extra things it isn’t supposed to, then it shouldn’t add any input lag.

I’ve used the rockband hub with 2 TE’s connected on a xbox with a busted front port and noticed no input lag.