The Bird: a comic inspired by HP Lovecraft and silver-age Marvel comics

Hai guise…

I’ve written and drawn this comic, here’s eleven pages from the first issue:

here’s how I made it:

what do you think?

Holy crap, this thread is on fire!

Well, all you superfans will be glad to know that since I have posted here last I have made another issue, you can find it in the same place, here:

This one is about depression and gant insect amphitheatres. I also have a facebook page which you should like if you would like to get updated when I make more.

Ever get the feeling you are talking to yourself?

Oh, and heres the cover to issue 2

Woah woah woah, calm down fellas! One at a time… lets show some decorum.

The first issue is now on comixology in case anyone gives the remotest of shits:

Also if you want to read the previews for the first three issues I would check them out here as my tumblr seems screwy at the moment:

Issue 1:
Issue 2:
Issue 3:

That feel of trying to drum up interest on the internet:

Lol lots of luck man but this place is deader than dead. You might want to try the Fan Art forum if you haven’t already but you’d probably have more luck with social media sites. The entire world is on those unlike forums these days.

Nice stuff though and thanks for sharing. Keep at it!

Cool, cheers pal that is some sound advice