The Birth of True Skullgirls Combat: Fugazi


On an undetermined night at Evo2012, a group of Skullgirls player stumbled upon a new form of fighting. Eschewing non-essential parts of the game such at “grabs”, “hit-confirms”, and “air combos”, they have distilled the game into its most basic and brutal form: punching people in the face. Enter Fugazi!

Fugazi is played by both characters creating a two person team of Double and Cerebella. The Cerebella assist is set as forward + s.HP (Titan Knuckle) and Double’s assist as s.HP (Fugazi Knuckle). Match time should be set to infinite since a pure game like Fugazi must not allow such petty things to interfere.

After the ceremonial shaking of hands and announcement that this is indeed Fugazi, select a stage and prepare yourself for in Fugazi, only the two mentioned moves are allowed to be used. Use of any other move that hits results in great shame and a free Fugazi by the opponent. Accidental supers (hit or not) result in the offender being Fugazied three times. Assists are allowed and encouraged to be used (should you actually know how to use an assist…). Raw tag-ins would result in moves other than Fugazi to be used and are banned from usage. However, alpha counters would result in the use of Fugazi and are considered Kosher and legal.

During the proceedings of Fugazi, it is encouraged by everyone (or elected representatives) to make random baby sounds and yell Fugazi at appropriate moments. Though not necessary, Fugazi does support the EVO economy through its money matches and is encouraged.

The following video shows the first official match of Fugazi, while play testing and brainstorming of rules was first done mid-match during Fugazi.


abooooobababoooboboboboababababoooooo fugazi


Dive Fist


Oh my lord, we have Fugazi footsies!


Minor Threat was better :wink:


maybe, if you are ‘one of THOSE guys’.



Never heard of this Minor Threat game. Can you post evidence of its existence?

But it still is in vain for only Fugazi is the truest fighter.


Fugazi (edited for boldness to convey the utmost of seriousness that is Fugazi) suite next year, make it happen. Also I forgot to ask you about that Thor shirt you had; who, what, where, when, why, and how much?


I was just about to post details on a suite.

Next year I will do better to organize a suite IN ADVANCE.
At this suite we will have SG casuals, MM, and runbacks.

As a special event, everyone who comes to the suite will put their names in a hat.
Two names will be drawn, and they will be forced to money match one another in a sacred game of Fugazi.
Side bets MUST be had.

The winner will win their dolla dolla bills, and will invited to join the illustrious **Fugazi Illuminati, **which is signified by a high five in the bathroom and the ceremonial ‘placing of the hat’.

I am currently working on making said hats for founding members Severin, KenInBlack, Broseidon, and myself.

only one OFFICIAL Fugazi battle will be had a year.



FI GirlyStyle


So, this is what happens when white hipsters try to mimic Yipes?

I’m sure Ian MacKaye is honored by the way.


people who call others hipsters unwarranted in the FGC have always been fat neck bearded virgins who are jealous of others ability to get some and play Fugazi.

Can’t kill the fun buddy :wink:


What does the word fugazi mean?





I can’t decide if this is goddamn brilliant, or if you guys have ruined the game forever… o_o


"Military slang meaning ‘Fucked up situation’"
Haha, that’s great.


Girlystyle & Broseidon Rex:

I am almost certain that a concept called Google exists. Here’s the kicker, it’ll recite all desired information as needed. Pretty fucking sweet, eh?

Fugazi is a weak band, ergo a weak game by default.


I’ve heard it could be referencing an old movie called Donnie Brasco, where a diamond is considered fake, or Fugazi.
In this light, it’s a clever reference to Cerebella’s (aka the “Diamond Dynamo”) Titan Knuckle since Double’s is “Fugazi Knuckle” or “Fake Knuckle”
Not 100% sure, but it seems reasonable.

Don’t worry, Duckie, fixed it for you.


Fugazi means “fake diamond”, which makes sense contextually to the game since its an imitation move of Cerebella, who is all about dem diamonds.

Your pun was weak, a stretch at best, and took more dots to connect then a google search, which was the first thing I did, then stopped caring.

EDIT: looked up the band, you are right they are shit. they tarnish the name of Fugazi


Wasn’t thinking that Minor Threat would be referring to a band, so ignored the top google hits. Sorry about that.